Exclusive: Drastic Times Call for Jurassic Measures in 'Operation: Dragon'

From screenwriter and creator, Bill Groshelle, Brendan Cahill (Silver Sable, Transformers), Germán Peralta (Agents of Shield, Green Lantern, Thanos, Man-Thing), and Kristian Rossi, with cover art by Randy Gaul comes new historical fiction Operation Dragon (MAR210306) arriving July 25, 2021.

Set in the Pacific during World War II, three American soldiers—a disgraced ex-cop, a mobster trying to escape his past, and an intelligence officer with mysterious motives— come together for a mission of a lifetime. Their lives are turned upside down when they uncover Japan’s top-secret superweapon: a deadly force of trained dinosaurs. Feast on a mash-up of wisecracking noir and butt-kicking action in this sci-fi pulp adventure as soldiers take on the Jurassic giants! 

 “I love action movies, and so we made this book a real thrill ride. We also wanted to set a mythic tone, so we created characters that do really bad things but learn from their sins. They might keep on doing bad things, but they might also do something selfless and courageous. Darkness can be redeemed sometimes.”—Bill Groshelle 

“In Operation Dragon, we’re aiming for maximal escapism. The challenge there is to make the big moments constantly bigger, without sacrificing the human story. While we were writing it, I thought we’d gotten that balance right, but it wasn’t until Germán and Kristian started turning in pages that I really knew it would work. Their stuff makes the explosions and dinosaurs leap off the page, and lets you sink into those quiet moments where that human story breathes. These characters have lived on for me since we finished writing the book, and I hope they live on for you after you finish reading it. I mean, I also hope you enjoy the explosions and dinosaurs. Those are pretty good, too.”—Brendan Cahill

Operation Dragon was one of my first jobs in the comic book industry. At that time I doubted if my style was going to fit because many people told me that greytones didn't work, obviously an opinion that I didn't share at all. I will always be grateful to Bill and Brendan because they allowed me to play this game the way I liked, using Ink wash, textures, even in a team, with Kristian Rossi, who besides being an excellent artist is a great friend There is a lot of action here, explosions, DINOSAURS, but all this coexists with human relationships at the same level. I hope you guys enjoy it just like we did.” —Germán Peralta 

Operation Dragon HC arrives in comic shops July 25, 2021, and is available for pre-order now at your local comic shop for $24.99.

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(W) Bill Groshelle, Brendan Cahill (A) German Peralta (CA) Randy Gaul
WWII. The Pacific. A mythic adventure unfolds as three American soldiers-a disgraced ex-cop, a mobster trying to escape his past, and an intelligence officer with mysterious motives-investigate a top-secret Japanese superweapon: a deadly force of trained dinosaurs!

o WWII buffs will love the historical accuracy, everyone will love the dinosaurs!
In Shops: Jul 28, 2021
SRP: $24.99
PREVIEWS Page #105

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