IDW's Jim Lee X-Men Artist’s Edition Available Now at Your Local Comic Shop

IDW’s multiple Eisner Award-winning Artist’s Edition line expands with perhaps its most eagerly awaited new volume: Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition (JUL200551, SRP: $150), now available at your local comic shop.

Nearly 30 years ago, Jim Lee joined writer Chris Claremont and inker Scott Williams to launch an all-new, all-different X-Men – the classic 1990s “Blue Team” that defined the look and attitude of the X-Men brand for a generation. The impact his dynamic artwork has had on the comics industry – to his legions of fans and the artists who have been inspired by and emulated him – is truly immeasurable. In a career filled with highlights, his work on X-Men is arguably his most popular and enduring.

The Artist’s Edition format reproduces Jim Lee’s original artwork at original size, meticulously scanned to preserve every minute detail and subtle nuance of the superstar illustrator’s skill. Readers are afforded an insight into his creative process that has never before been available outside of original art collectors.

“This artwork represents a very distinct and hyper-exciting period of my career, when everything was evolving and growing really rapidly,” says Lee. “The collected art looks just like the originals, and it’s great to experience it in a handy oversized book. It brings back incredibly fond memories of creating this work, and my love for the characters. I’m happy that the fans love it so much!”

“Jim Lee’s X-Men comics defined an era,” says Williams. “I got a front row view of the perfect pairing of artist and character that exploded off the pages, becoming an iconic template for a generation of comic fans. Beautifully reproduced and presented, Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition is a nostalgic look back at the fun of what ‘90s comics could be. So grateful to have been a part of it all!”

Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition includes all 37 pages -- the complete story -- from the bestselling comic book of all time, October 1991’s X-Men #1. The book also includes over 100 additional examples of Lee’s gorgeous original artwork from iconic issues, including covers, splashes, pin-ups, interior pages, and trading cards, as well as a double foldout of all four X-Men #1 connecting covers.

(W) Chris Claremont (A) Scott William (A/CA) Jim Lee
Jim Lee has been drawing comics for more than 30 years and is one of the most popular comic book artists of all time. The impact his dynamic artwork has had on the comics industry-to his legions of fans and the artists who have been inspired by and emulated him-is truly immeasurable. And, in a career filled with highlights, his work on X-Men is arguably his most popular and enduring.
This very special Artist's Edition features Lee's stellar work on X-Men, including the complete oversized X-Men #1-still the bestselling comic book ever published! Additionally, there will be covers, splash pages, pin-ups, and interior pages by Lee doing what he does best-creating great comics. Each page has been meticulously scanned from Lee's original art for this book... affording the reader incite into his creative process never before available outside of original art collectors. Produced in the one and only, accept no imitations, multi-Eisner award-winning Artist's Edition format. For any fan of Jim Lee, this book will soon become a cherished centerpiece of your collection!
In Shops: Feb 24, 2021
SRP: $150.00
PREVIEWS Page #126

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(W) Berkeley Breathed (A/CA) Berkeley Breathed
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?                                                           Advance solicited for November release!
?                                                           Bloom County returned as a successful webcomic in 2015, with collections published annually by IDW to critical acclaim.
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This Artist's Edition focuses on Crandall's remarkable EC Comics stories, including many that are outright classics. And like all the award-winning Artist's Editions, this book was scanned entirely from the original art-if you are a fan of Crandall's work, there IS NO better way to view it!
In Shops: May 10, 2017
SRP: $150.00
PREVIEWS Page #183

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