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Product Changes (02/09)


• Due to high demand and to ensure that the printer is able to maintain BOOM’s high level of quality, the on-sale date for all editions of BRZRKR #1 (AUG200959 / AUG200960 / DEC208555 / DEC208556 / AUG200961 / AUG200962 / AUG200963 / DEC208557 / AUG200964 / DEC208558 / AUG200965 / DEC208559 / DEC208560 / DEC208561 / DEC208638E) including foil variants, has changed to March 24.


Oblivion Song by Kirkman & De Felici #30 (OCT200217, $3.99) now runs 36 pages, not 28 pages.


The Avengers: Mech Strike #2 Artist Variant (JAN210614, $3.99) will have cover art by Jarold Sng.

Deadpool: Nerdy 30 #1  (Reg./Vars.: JAN210636 / JAN210637 / JAN210638, $5.99 ea.) will be written by Rob Liefeld, Fabian Nicieza, Skottie Young, Gail Simone, Kelly Thompson, Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Daniel Way and Joe Kelly.

Marvel #6  (Reg./Var.: JAN210687 / JAN210688, $4.99 ea) will be written by Greg Smallwood, Lee Bermejo, Steve Darnall and Kurt Busiek, along with Alex Ross.

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 Launch Variant (APR200825, $4.99) has cover art by Todd Nauck.

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 Artist A Variant (APR200832, $4.99) has cover art by Ken Lashley.

The Amazing Spider-Man #61  (Reg./Vars.: JAN210648 / JAN210649 / JAN210650, $3.99 ea.) will be rated T, not T+.

Fantastic Four #30 KIB (Reg./Var.: JAN210549 / JAN210550, $3.99 ea.) will be rated T, not T+.

King in Black: Planet of Symbiotes #3 (JAN210546, $3.99) will have interior penciling by Danilo Beyruth and Gerardo Sandoval, not Kyle Hotz.

Champions #5 (Reg./Var.: JAN210696 / JAN210697, $3.99 ea.) will be written by Danny Lore along with Eve L. Ewing. This issue will also have interior penciling by Luciana Vecchio along with Bob Quinn.

Sword #4 Artist Variant KIB (JAN210554, $3.99) will have cover art by Matteo Scalera.

The Trials of Ultraman #1  (Reg./Vars.: JAN210591 / JAN210592 / JAN210593 / JAN210594 / JAN210595 / JAN210596 / JAN210597 / JAN210598, $4.99 ea.) will have interior penciling by Eduardo Ferigato and Gurihiru, along with Francesco Manna.

The Amazing Spider-Man #62 Weaver Variant (JAN210654, $3.99) is now cancelled.

King in Black #5  (Reg./Vars.: JAN210521 / JAN210522 / JAN210523 / JAN210524 / JAN210525 / JAN210526 / JAN210527 / JAN210528, $5.99 ea.) will be 48 pages and not 40 pages, with no change to editorial content or price.

The Amazing Spider-Man #62  (Reg./Vars.: JAN210651 / JAN210652 / JAN210653, $3.99 ea.) will be rated T and not T+.

Savage Avengers #19 KIB (JAN210547 / JAN210548, $3.99 ea.) will be rated Parental Advisory, not T+.

The Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer TP Vol. 12: Kith and Kindred (FEB210683, $15.99) will now be retitled The Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer TP Vol. 12: Shattered Web.

The Incredible Hulk by Peter David Omnibus Vol 3 HC (Reg./DM Var.: NOV200613 / NOV200614, $125) will be rated T+ and not T, with no change to editorial content, page count, or price.


• Moonstone’s Domino Lady: Threesome TP (FEB211419, $15.99) now runs 120 pages. not 160.

• Yen On’s Virgin Road GN Vol. 1 (DEC201917, $15) has been retitled Executioner & Her Way of Life Light Novel SC Vol. 1.

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