Creative Teams for Aspen Comics' Soulfire and Fathom Film Adaptations Announced

Deadline has revealed news on the creative teams behind Mythos Studios' slate of films based on the Aspen Comics Fathom and Soulfire. The studio is working towards building their own connected universe of films dubbed the "TurnerVerse" named after the late Michael Turner, famed artist and founder of Aspen MLT Inc.

Fathom will be helmed by directing duo Kevin Adams and Joe Ksander (Netflix’s Next Gen) working with a screenplay from Kristin Gore (Futurama, Saturday Night Live). The film is based on the Aspen Comics series about a marine biologist who finds out she is a descendant of an ancient race of underwater beings. The movie is poised to introduce the "TurnerVerse" to audiences before the next film in the franchise, Soulfire.

Kevin Adams and Joe Ksander are also on board to direct Soulfire based on the Aspen Comics series of the same name. The directing team will be adapting a script from writing duo Bo Yeon Kim & Erika Lippoldt (Star Trek: Discovery, Reign) that further expands the "TurnerVerse." The film will focus on "an orphan who learns that he’s the heir of a long-forgotten age of magic, and Grace, the winged goddess who joins the youngster on his quest to restore magic in the world." The film will take audiences on "a quest that will put the pair at odds with a dark and dangerous lord of technology."

Work on the two films has been underway since February 2019, however no further information on the release date of these films has been announced. It could be a while before audiences see anything from the two movies, but fans can rest assured that the world of Aspen Comics is in good hands. If you are looking to bide the time until the films are released be sure to check out the original source material for a peak inside the "TurnerVerse."

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