The Horror! The Horror!: Hill House, DCeased, Hellboy

You can run, but you can't hide from these horror titles inside PREVIEWS. Put down your axe, chainsaw, or butcher's knife, and take a stab at Basketful of Heads, and more!

Welcome to THE HORROR! THE HORROR! A showcase of the macabre, the grisly, and the just downright grotesque inside August's PREVIEWS

(W) Joe Hill (A) Leomacs (CA) Reiko Murakami
The rain lashes the grassy dunes of Brody Island, and seagulls scream above the bay. A slender figure in a raincoat carries a large wicker basket, which looks like it might be full of melons... covered by a bloodstained scrap of the American flag.
This is the story of June Branch, a young woman trapped with four cunning criminals who have snatched her boyfriend for deranged reasons of their own. Now she must fight for her life with the help of an impossible 8th-century Viking axe that can pass through a man's neck in a single swipe-and leave the severed head still conscious and capable of supernatural speech.
Each disembodied head has a malevolent story of its own to tell, and it isn't long before June finds herself in a desperate struggle to hack through their lies and manipulations... racing to save the man she loves before time runs out.  
Plus, in the premiere chapter of the backup story "Sea Dogs," which sails across all the Hill House Comics titles!  
In Shops: Oct 30, 2019
SRP: $3.99
(W) Tom Taylor (A) Trevor Hairsine, Stefano Guadiano, James Harren, Laura Braga, Darick Robertson, Richard Friend, Neil Edwards (CA) Francesco Mattina
What happens to the World's Finest if the world ends? With death spreading across the planet, who will live and who will turn in this apocalyptic tale of heroism, sacrifice and annihilation? Fighting time, each other and all of humanity, Earth's greatest heroes must rally together for what may very well be their last chance to save the world from the most terrible plague humanity has ever seen. The Anti-Life Equation has been released and is ravaging the world at the viral speed of social media. Once exposed, victims lose their minds, violently attacking all around them. The heroes of Earth are fighting a losing battle to save the world... and themselves! Collects DCEASED issues #1-6 and DCEASED: A GOOD DAY TO DIE #1.
In Shops: Nov 20, 2019
SRP: $29.99
(W) Mike Mignola (A) Matt Smith (CA) Mike Mignola
A quiet night at a rundown Russian train station turns into an all-out demon battle for Hellboy when three sinister interlopers pass through.
In Shops: Oct 30, 2019
SRP: $3.99
PREVIEWS Page #112
(W) Joe Hill, Jason Ciaramella (A) Zach Howard, Nelson Daniel, Vic Malhotra, Nat Jones, Charles Paul Wilson (CA) Shane Pierce
Get into the mind of the bestselling author with these five graphic novels, spanning from straight up horror to psychological thriller! New York Times Bestseller Joe Hill is the creative force behind this collection of graphic novels that showcase the world-building and bone-chilling talents of the famed Locke & Key co-creator. This softcover edition includes: The Cape, illustrated by Zach Howard; The Cape: 1969, illustrated by Nelson Dániel; Thumbprint, illustrated by Vic Malhotra; Kodiak, illustrated by Nat Jones; and Wraith, illustrated by Charles Paul Wilson III.
In Shops: Dec 11, 2019
SRP: $29.99
PREVIEWS Page #158
(W) David Dastmalchian (A/CA) Lukas Ketner
Aspiring reporter Jerri Bartman is furious when she's demoted to hosting the nightly Creature Feature at her small-town TV station. But Jerri quickly learns that there is more to horror hosting than just introducing bad B-movies. Her first night in the costume of her missing predecessor, Count Crowley, finds her face to face with a living, breathing . . . werewolf. Or was she just that drunk?
* Featuring the dynamic creative team of David Dastmalchian and Lukas Ketner!
* The perfect comic for the Halloween season!
In Shops: Oct 23, 2019
SRP: $3.99
(A) Stanley Lau
There will be blood when Stanley Lau (aka Artgerm) gets ahold of Vampirella! Based on his haunting cover to Vampirella #2, this 7.5" tall resin bust is Dynamite's most unique rendering of Vampi to date! This very limited-edition bust is meticulously hand-painted, right down to the bloody "outfit!"
SRP: $129.99
PREVIEWS Page #188
Legendary actor and raconteur Vincent van Price features on these two new pins!
In Shops: Dec 11, 2019
SRP: $8.95
PREVIEWS Page #1110
Show your love of Elvira with this new patch!
In Shops: Dec 11, 2019
SRP: $8.99
PREVIEWS Page #1110
Relive your journey with our fearless protagonist, Clementine from Telltale's The Walking Dead, with this cool shirt. It features Clem from when she was just a little girl in Chapter 1 to her epic finish in Chapter 4. T-shirt fits true to size.
In Shops: Nov 06, 2019
SRP: $33.00
From the depths of the sewers beneath Derry, Pennywise joins the Mezco Designer Series! The shape-shifter comes complete with an interchangeable head featuring a sinister smile and his infamous red balloon that can be held in his left hand. Presented in a clown costume with ruffle detailing, Pennywise stands approximately 6" tall and features 8 points of articulation, allowing him to recreate his most terrifying poses from the film. MDS Deluxe IT: Pennywise comes packaged in a window box, perfect for display.
In Shops: Jan 29, 2020
SRP: $40.00
PREVIEWS Page #1053

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