Games Workshop Warhammer Series 2: Space Marine Heroes


The Space Marine Terminators are the best of the best, Veterans who have earned the right to wear Tactical Dreadnought "Terminator" Armour and serve as their Chapter's greatest infantry assets, each essentially serving as a walking tank. No foe is safe from a Terminator assault, not a horde of Orks, Adamantium fortress or colossal Chaos Titan. Terminators are invincible, they are unstoppable and they never yield. Terminators combine centuries of experience with some of the best armour and weapons in the Imperium. Warhammer 40,000 miniatures are market leaders in detail and quality, and these limited run blind-boxed figures are the perfect way to start or expand your collection. Each completed push-together model is approximately 2 inches tall and made of single colour plastic, suitable for painting, play or display. Each blind box contains 1 unassembled model Space Marine Terminator from the best-selling Warhammer 40K universe, including two head choices to personalize (Helmeted or bare headed), an art card of the named marine and character traits for play, plus colour instructions and assembly guide. Each CDU contains 10 blind boxed miniatures, with 9 different miniatures to collect 3 common (average 2 in 10 boxes), 4 Uncommon (1 in 10), 1 Rare (1 in 20) and 1 Ultra Rare (1 in 30). 

Item Code: JUL193496

SRP: £6.99

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