Mangapedia: Gashuu Art Books

By DENPA Books

Known as “gashuu” in Japan, art books are collections of images from beloved or well-respected artists and/or properties.

Usually oversized to accentuate the visuals, gashuu are generally comprised of character art, detailing the design work of an artist or team.

Presentation is key to these books. Outside of the large trim size and color art, it is not uncommon to see hardcovers or special paper stocks within these tomes. Gatefold pull-out posters are also a regular feature and are coveted by fans.

While the art can often speak for itself, fans do appreciate opportunities to see what artists in Japan may have been thinking when designing their favorite works via included interviews.

Gashuu are usually as big as a magazine or a coffee-table book and cost significantly more than standard manga volumes. But even with the higher price points fans have repeatedly shown that there is continuing demand for gashuu art books.

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