Time Warp Tests Girl Power Team-Up

Sirens of space slam into one another's path in a new series from Dynamite Entertainment! Courtesy of writer Leah Williams and artist German Garcia, fans get a crossover they've often dreamed about with Barbarella/Dejah Thoris #1 (NOV181072). Available with a variety of covers to choose from, the book is previewed early in this interview with Leah Williams!

Barbarella/Dejah Thoris #1 is in shops January 16.


Dynamite Entertainment: Talk about a crossover! Free-spirited, free-foaming not-entirely-human being on an adventure called "life" meets the Princess of Mars, how did we get here?

Leah Williams: A murder investigation leads Barbarella to a mysterious looking-glass device. What she doesn't know
is that Dejah Thoris is curiously peering in from the other side. Together, both women embark on a  mystery traversing both time and space!

Dynamite Entertainment: Are you taking any inspiration from any prior histories for either Barbarella or Dejah Thoris for this storyline?

Leah Williams: Yes, very much so. Amy Chu and Mike Carey are stewards of the respective Dejah Thoris and
Barbarella ongoings, and they have given me really great histories and characterization to work with. Bridging these worlds has been a joy.

Dynamite Entertainment: What's your artistic collaboration been like for this project?

Leah Williams: So far I've been workshopping the story with my editor, Matt Ide/son-who is Dynamite's Senior
Editor and an all around comics titan, and it's been a blast! Matt is creative and has really amazing ideas, so being able to bounce ideas off each other while we're figuring out how to make a tricky time-travel concept really land with readers has been super fun.

Dynamite Entertainment: Will there be any special appearances by any other characters?

Leah Williams: I have it on good authority that Vix will play a huge role. (Me. I'm the authority, I love Vix.)

Dynamite Entertainment: Anything else you'd like to add?

Leah Williams: There is definitely going to be some romantic tension between the two women while they're working
together because Dejah has all the attributes Barbarella is attracted to, and because nothing brings people closer together than mortal peril.

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