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Eighties Cutie Colors Kids Rainbow Brite

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The beloved '80s character Rainbow Brite returns for a new ongoing series this October from writer Jeremy Whitley and artist Brittney Williams! Read the PREVIEWSworld interview with Jeremy Whitley, and learn how this new all-ages book dares to be colorful!


PREVIEWSworld: Rainbow Brite is a property that has made a fairly big impact for something that doesn't have a ton of source material. How did that affect the way you approached this story?

Jeremy Whitley: I think it informed the way I went about working with the property quite a bit. I've always been a person (even as a kid) that loves world building, so I feel like a lack of source material is more of an opportunity than a problem. It means we don't have to rewrite a lot of what already exists to make something new, we can just look at what's missing and start with filling in the gaps. The neatest thing for me was that that meant I got to write lore that didn't exist before and work out some of the rules of the world.

PREVIEWSworld: It has been a little while since Rainbow Brite has been out in the world. How do you think younger readers will react to it?

Jeremy Whitley: I think if the last few years have proven anything, it's that a reboot can match or even exceed its original. The success of My Little Pony, has shown that with the right blend of respect for the original and bringing in new ideas, we can capture a new audience and perhaps retain some of the old. I know for a lot of people my age, Rainbow Brite was a big part of their childhood and I think it has the potential to do that again. If we make it fun and exciting, most kids will probably know or care that there was an original, but they'll love this one.

PREVIEWSworld: Is this the type of book that young readers and their parents can share?

Jeremy Whitley: Absolutely. I wanted to turn up the fantasy and adventure aspects of the book, which I think we're doing a great job with so far. I think the story and adventure of the book will excite kids and parents will be able to enjoy it while recognizing the things we're bringing back from their own childhood. I think it's going to be a ball for everyone who picks up the book.

PREVIEWSworld: What are your thoughts about the comic market and younger readers? Are you happy with the way the market is expanding or do you think there is a long road ahead to get where it should be?

Jeremy Whitley: Can I say "both?" Frankly, I've been working with my creator-owned younger readers comic, "Princeless," for seven years now. When I started it was a much smaller marketplace and it was very difficult to convince comic book stores to invest in all-ages materials. However,thanks to strides made by a lot of the publishers (and forward-thinking retailers who wanted to reach younger customers) it's much more common now. Beyond that, all-ages books have made an impact on other markets like book stores and school bookfairs. I think we're in the best market for all-ages comics since the 80's. But there are still a lot of readers and retailers that don't take this part of the market seriously, which is to the detriment both of those retailers and the market.

PREVIEWSworld: What can readers expect from this new Rainbow Brite series that they may not find elsewhere?

Jeremy Whitley: We're melding the original Rainbow Brite with our new ideas to create a rich fantasy world. We want this to be a world that kids find themselves drawn into and entranced by. We feel there's no reason the world of Rainbow Brite can't be as exciting and engaging as something like Harry Potter. We look forward to proving it.

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