'My Hero Academia: Two Heroes' Gets English Trailer

My Hero Academia, the manga series and anime that has taken geek culture by storm, is now making its big screen debut...after it hits Japan. Regardless, Deku, our favorite young hero-in-training is in for a wild ride when villains threaten the artificial moving city known as I-Island!

From Funimation:

Deku and All Might receive an invitation to I-Expo, the world’s leading exhibition of Quirk abilities and hero item innovations! Amid the excitement, Deku meets a girl who is Quirkless just like he once was. Suddenly, I-Expo’s top-of-the-line security system gets hacked by villains, and a sinister plan is set in motion. It’s a serious threat to hero society, and one man holds the key to it all. #MyHeroAcademia. #TwoHeroes.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
hits select theaters September 25th. 

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