Suit Up: Button-Down Batman

Yes, the Dark Knight is tying the knot, and marrying his lady love, Catwoman. So we thought it would be appropriate to throw him a bachelor party in the vein of this month's Suit Up! Hang up the hot line, vacate the Batcave, and tell James Gordon that it's boys night out as we give the Dark Knight his due in calling out which Batman items in the June PREVIEWS catalog are essential must-have's to pick up at the comic shop.


Batman: Kings of Fear #1

Just when you thought you work was wrapped up so that you and the guys could head out of town with Batman for a night at the club (he is going to be tapped with that "hubby" tagline soon), along comes a snafu that makes your night out cancelled, and forever suspended indefinitely. You can thank former Batman editor Scott Peterson for putting the brakes on your night of drinking. Scott has teamed up with legendary artist Kelley Jones to bring you Batman: Kings of Fear #1 (JUN180437) in which Scarecrow orchestrates a riot at Arkham Asylum to give the Dark Knight one of his greatest challenges yet! Pre-order this new series from the June DC PREVIEWS, and look for it at the comic shops August 22!


Batman: Preludes To The Wedding TP

Sharing those wedding vows at the alter is one of those moments in life that are never forgotten. You stare your better half in the eyes, open your mouth, and proclaim your love and devotion for as long as you live. It's a snapshot in time that should forever be captured on both audio and video because it's such a beautiful moment that only comes along once. The question is, do you still want to preserve that moment if the the criminal underworld doesn't take a vacation for your special day, and is determined to crash your party? The answer to that question resides in one-shots that followed the Joker's discovery that Batman was marrying Catwoman, and those books are collected in Batman: Preludes To The Wedding TP (JUN180571). Look for it in the June DC PREVIEWS!


Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album Deluxe Edition HC

At the end of the day, do you really expect the cat's meow and the world's greatest detective to be derailed from their wedding plans? These are two of DC's finest characters, and little could stop them from tying the knot short of a meteor shower that levels Gotham City. As that type of armageddon didn't rain down hellfire on the twin lovers, they did get hitched, and the historic wedding of Batman and Catwoman is commemorated in the must-have collector's item, Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album Deluxe Edition HC (JUN180572) which collects Batman #24, 44 and 50, plus the retailer variant covers from issue #50, wedding dress designs by Joëlle Jones, the script to issue #44, and more. Look for it in the June DC PREVIEWS!


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns — DC Modern Classics HC

Let's say in the not-too distant future, Batman and Catwoman decide to become parents. It really is inevitable. Look how long fans have been clamoring for these two lovebirds to finally get it over with, and take the long walk to matrimony. You think people aren't soon going to be clamoring for DC's newlyweds to just give it up, and deliver the rugrats complete in their respective licensed pairs of underoos? We give it a year. And then when young Bruce Jr. or Selina's Little Miss Dangerous get to the age of asking questions, what are they going to want to know about their famous parents? Well, their most notable adventures will, of course, be one of the topics of conversation. To assist Bruce's recollection, you'll want the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns — DC Modern Classics HC (JUN180559), which collects Frank Miller's issues #1-4 of Frank Miller's classic which introduced Carrie "Robin" Kelly. Pre-order it from this month's DC PREVIEWS catalog!


DC Batman Batarang Statue Artist Edition

So here were are, at the end of the ceremony. Everyone has had their fill of the full-course dinner. Bats and Catwoman have had their first dance. The guests have filed out of the Batcave to see the happy couple as they leave for their honeymoon in the newly decorated Batmobile, which sports cans on strings trailing behind the bumper. Everyone is geared to throw rice at the couple to wish them well, but what happens if someone tries to throw acid or throwing stars instead? There's always that villain that managed to stay undercover just long enough to ruin everythign in grand style at the end. And should that deplorable try to put the kibosh on Batman and Catwoman's wedding day, what would the consequence be? Well, the DC Batman Batarang Statue Artist Edition (MAR188063) shows what projectile the Batman throws into the eye of the perpetrator who thought he was smart enough to get the drop on the Dark Knight. Ain't gonna happen. Beautifully hand-painted, you'll find it in the Cryotozoic section in the June PREVIEWS catalog!

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