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A Dungeon Master For Rick And Morty

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Morty attempts to learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons to keep up with the “cool kids,” and (of course) chaos ensues when you cross the world’s greatest role-playing game with reality’s most dysfunctional family. Read this interview with artist Troy Little and writers Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Zub to get the dirt on the upcoming Rick And Morty Vs. Dungeons & Dragons TP (DEC180776) from IDW Publishing!


IDW Publishing: Jim, you were skeptical that this would happen. Can you tell us about when it was first proposed to you, and how it feels now that it’s actually coming together?

Jim Zub: Sarah Gaydos reached out to tell me the idea had come up during a brainstorming session and everyone at IDW and Oni were excited at the possibilities. She wanted to know if I’d be involved if they could navigate the red tape, and I laughed it off. Of course, I’d love to be on board, but it would NEVER happen. Wizards of the Coast wouldn’t let the crown jewel of gaming be violated by Adult Swim’s dimension-hopping bastards.

Little did I know that in a world of swirling media synergies and crazy memes, it’s the perfect time to let these properties off the chain. I’m so glad the team at WotC realize that. This project is a warped and freakish monster, but it’s also a love letter to gaming glory.

IDW Publishing: Patrick, you’re primarily known for your prose work. How did you get pulled into the wild world of monthly comics? Was there any blackmail involved?

Patrick Rothfuss: It’s pretty obvious when you think of it. What name screams “regular monthly content” more than Patrick Rothfuss?

Seriously though, I say, ‘no’ to a lot of cool projects these days. It’s my main job, really. I need to turn down 95% of the offers that come my way so I can keep my head down and get work done on my next book.

But this I just couldn’t say no. These are two of my great loves. One old, one new. When they approached me, I knew I had to do it, and I knew the shape of the story I wanted to tell.

IDW Publishing: Troy, D&D is known for wild characters across many editions. Do you have a favorite one to draw? What about one you hope to work with before the series ends?

Troy Little: Oddly enough I haven’t played D&D since the ‘80s, then just a few months ago my kids expressed an interest in trying it out. I picked up the starter set and began reading and refreshing my memory on how it all works. We’ve had a few sessions so far and they’re hooked. I’m a bit of a rusty DM, but I forgot just how much fun you can have with this game!

When going at the cover for Issue #1, I remembered the mini dungeon from the old red cover edition I had as a kid and how funny I found the gelatinous cube to be as something to battle. I had to include that and the classic Beholder.

There’s so many cool monsters to choose from! Before this series is done I better get to draw a dragon or I’m going to portal to dimension C 433. It’s all dragons there.

IDW Publishing: Finally, is there anything you can reveal to the fans about what to expect when these worlds collide? Can you guarantee their safety during this campaign?

Jim Zub: Morty is smitten, Rick’s getting the old gang back together, and Summer’s going to learn to backstab. No edition will be spared, no campaign setting is safe.

Troy Little: I want to draw action and carnage! Monsters! Magic! Dungeons! And a dragon or two for good measure. Patrick and Jim may be the DM but I get to play in their world. This is going to be AWESOME!

Patrick Rothfuss: I am going to break your heart.

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