Girls Just Wanna Have Guns


Kitten claws cut through corruption, chaos, and carry on continuity from the Pussycats canon in E-Comix's Pussycats Volume 2: Impossible Sex On Drugs Is Everything TP (MAR181616). This second trade paperback collection expands the Pussycats universe complete with sex, violence, movie puns, crass villains...and zombies.

Conspiracy that culminates in dead presidents fires off a hail of bullets in the face of Mother Superior and her Pussycats protégés as fascism fights to claim the levers of power in the United States government. Collecting the 2017 mini-series Sex, Drugs, & The Impossible, a constitutional crisis is compounded with a pompous pervert named Mr. Sun who believes the femme fatales fighting at Mother Superior's side should be shot down with gunfire from the ever-fanatical Fabulous Funboys. The second half of the book collects 2018's The End of Everything mini-series in which interdimensional travel expands the Pussycats universe, and its subdivisions. Lesbian lovers Viper and Foxglove — both paramilitary Pussycats of the future — try to use knowledge of their past connection to Mother Superior to prevent a zombie apocalypse that threatens the planet.

"Let's not overlook that we're introducing a new character for the first time exclusively in this book's epilogue," says Pussycats Writer/Publisher Vince Brusio. "She's simply referred to as 'Angel' in the four-panel scene. The reason for that being we're going to host a contest soon to give the fans a chance to name the character, and get a bunch of signed prizes for helping us to make a footnote in Pussycats history."

Brusio adds that the unnamed character's first published appearance in the Volume 2 TP will show how the 2019 series will divert into a metaphysical direction in storytelling.

"Sex, Drugs, & The Impossible introduced ufology for a reason," he adds. "I believe the big picture for all of us is much more complicated than what we're told in any school or bible class. With the help of this new character, Pussycats is going to ride into a metaphysical sunset with the top down, and roadkill unavoidable."

Pussycats Volume 2: Impossible Sex On Drugs Is Everything TP (MAR181616) is available in comic shops May 16.

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