Suit Up: Celebrating Superman

There's a reason why he's the figurehead for everything good in a superhero. He's the man who can take whatever you throw at him, and keep coming back for more. Suit Up, folks: we're about to walk in the boots of Superman!

Action Comics #1000

It's an issue so big that one cover wasn't big enough to do it justice. Now you may look at this cover image and think differently, as it showcases Superman's new duds as designed by Jim Lee, but the story behind the cover is one that fans have been waiting for a long time. So one cover just isn't enough to help fans celebrate Action Comics #1000 (FEB180142). Yes, we hear you. Scott Snyder and Doug Mahnke tapped for writing and art chores ... you would think that's enough, right? But this is a landmark issue that's been long in coming. So everyone and his aunt and uncle that's a fan of Big Blue wants a piece of action for this once-in-a-lifetime comic, and that's why luminaries such as Brian Michael Bendis, John Cassaday, Paul Dini, Brad Meltzer and others are a part of this book that comes with plenty of variant covers. Look for Action Comics #1000 in the DC Comics section of the February PREVIEWS catalog!

Superman Rebirth Book 2 Deluxe Collection HC

Most working families start their day in a similar fashion. They get up with the kids for school. Make the beds. Get some coffee. Maybe catch some news before they're in their cars off to work. What if they hear on the news that all around the Multiverse, Supermen are going missing? Think they'll let themselves be a few minutes late for work to hear the rest of the story? Well, if they'd pick up the Superman Rebirth Book 2 Deluxe Collection HC (FEB180290) they won't have to do that, as this book collects Superman #14-26 and Annual #1 all in one place, so making the boss perturbed at them is no longer an acceptable risk. Find out how the collective of Men of Steel try to find a way to escape and defeat their captor, with Batman and Robin lending a hand to investigate! Check out this new hardcover in the DC Comics section of the February PREVIEWS catalog.

DC Super Powers Collection: Superman 17-Inch Maquette

If you were seaching for an adjective or two that would best describe the Man of Steel, you wouldn't be hard-pressed to come up with a laundry list of possibilities. Terms like "majestic," "magnificient," "godly," and then there's those who cut to the chase by using words like "handsome" and "hunk." Truth is, though, you WILL be hard-pressed to find a collectible that's as stunning as the DC Super Powers Collection: Superman 17-Inch Maquette (NOV178305) from Tweeterhead. Offering collectors a sculpt by Matt Black and paint scheme by David Fisher, Tweeterhead has outdone themselves with this marvelous maquette that stands at an amazing 17" tall on its base, and features his iconic red and blue costume with cape. Look for it in the Toys Statues Models section of the February PREVIEWS!


DC All Stars Figure Collection #3 — Superman

Not everyone has shelf space or walls available for their collectibles, especially if the only place to put your stuff is in your office at work. That's why smaller scale fan stuff can be ideal when you have to be discreet — but refuse to deny your geek. Along comes the folks at Eaglemoss Publications who serve up the DC All Stars Figure Collection #3 — Superman (FEB182326), which offers a masterfully sculpted 1:14 scale vinyl figure packed in blister style packaging. Detailed and beautifully rendered in high quality collectible vinyl, this figure is perfect for your small corner in the world, and won't crowd anyone or anything else when you set it up for display. It's geek on the go, and since the The Joker figure is also being offered on the same page as the Man of Steel, it's time for Superman to go and put the smackdown on the Clown Prince of Crime. Check it out in the "Hero Collector By Eaglemoss" section of the February PREVIEWS catalog.


Superman Universal Symbol T-Shirt

It's well known that the bigger something becomes, the more people want a piece of it. But something gets bigger not because it appeals to the same crowd day-in and day-out: growth comes from bringing in people from new walks of life. People who may not have even known you were in the game! But the fact is that once you're on the radar, and more people start to see you as something that's worth their attention span, the more people are going to want you as their thing, rather than be on rent from someone else. Thus, branding is the first thing people want to do once they bring you into their social circle, which explains the funky Superman Universal Symbol T-Shirt (FEB182198)! A multi-color imprint of this colorful S-symbol on a fatique green shirt, this T-Shirt is brought to us by the people at Graphitti Designs, and can be found in the Apparel section of the February PREVIEWS catalog!

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