Bankshot's Blood And Bullets

The rough and tumble world of a killer isn’t imagined by paper people, those who live life by reading the lives of others. You have to get in the dirt. You have to have some skin in the game. You have to learn how to take the hit when it’s your turn to walk into a left hook.

One look at Alex de Campi when we interviewed her for the upcoming Bankshot TP (OCT170077) showed us that she’s the kind of person that knows all about taking the hit. The evidence was right in front of us.

“I lost a bet and I had to cosplay as a superhero,” Alex smirked. “They didn’t specify what superhero, which was their mistake, so I’m coming as Peter Fonda as the character in Easy Rider. The wrong Captain America.”

It’s that wit which shows how de Campi is a writer of wrongs. She’s also the writer of Bankshot which features the illustrations of artist Chris Cross, who was not in costume at New York Comic Con but was straight up when it came to talking about he and de Campi went about creating a black lead character that’s flammable.

“Usually when people do black characters, they don’t put them in a prestige spot. She [Alex] said 'black billionaire, soldier/spy,' I was, like, I’m in. Gotcha. I’m ready to go.”

Ready to go with both guns blazing pretty much describes the pace of the story for the Bankshot TP (OCT170077), which shows how a past betrayal has primed Marcus King to seek bloody vengeance as far away as the mountains of Ukraine. The book is offered in the October PREVIEWS catalog, so check out the above PREVIEWSworld video to hear more about it from the creators themselves, and be sure to preorder the book from your own neighborhood comic shop!

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