Venditti & Sharp Tease Torture For Justice League

Superheroes can grow complacent, too. Let’s face it. If you’ve been battling bad guys for decades, and used to coming out on top when the dust settles, you can be guilty of getting a little soft. It’s going to happen. That’s usually when nature throws a monkey wrench into the weather forecast to remind you that nothing is forever, and the sun is not always going to shine on your event planner.

Witness such doldrums for the big guns in the DC Universe as a Dark Nights: Metal tie-in comes to the pages of Justice League #32 (SEP170257) with a story arc that's called “Bats Out of Hell.” You'll note how a familiar character seems to have been turned inside out and backwards to bring havoc upon humanity, and the Justice League are all but clueless because, unfortunately, there is no learning curve.

“There’s always evil versions of Bruce Wayne from different parts of the Dark Multiverse,” writer Robert Venditti explains. “So in our crossover, those versions of Bruce Wayne, those evil Batmen have each created a unique Batcave built for the sole purpose of taking down one of the members of the Justice League.”

Yes. You heard right. There’s a bonanza of Batcaves which are about to act as portable torture dungeons for some lucky member of the JLA, with no outgoing invitation that warns of the impending physical assault. Gone is any room for one to say that he or she has had a hard day, and to make matters worse the drycleaner was closed. Yeah. Try on a suit of sorrow that’s been built by Robert Venditti, and road-tested by artist Liam Sharp!

“Rob was saying that he feels bad that I got the script in chunks, but I actually don’t think I could have done it any other way,” Sharp laughs. “I would have just been a gibbering wreck under the drawing board.”

How horrible are the details for what awaits the members of the Justice League? How big is the scale for this carnival of carnage?

Check out the above YouTube interview with Robert Venditti and Liam Sharp to find out how everything blows up big time in the upcoming Justice League #32 (SEP170257)!

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