Valiant Vents About New Roads And Strange Highways

Collectors who read comics back in the 90s remember titles from Valiant that included books like Bloodshot, Ninjak, and Harbinger. Great superhero-type books that made Valiant a force to be reckoned with when you were looking for comic fare that delivered a punch to the gut.

Fast forward to the 21st century, where Valiant is once again kicking tail and taking names, but this time with new directions, as books like Britannia indicate as the title moves into its second trade paperback collection.

“So Peter Milligan and Juan Jose Ryp have put together this book for us called Britannia. It’s basically about the world’s first detective. It takes place in ancient Rome,” said Valiant’s Editor-In-Chief Warren Simons.

It’s a new road in storytelling for Valiant. A road beyond masks, powers, and a hail of bullets. Up front and in your face is story about a man who is a pioneer in critical thinking, with an understanding in how men move, and how they think. Logic. Reason. The basic detective skills of Sherlock Holmes.

Not to say that Valiant’s turned its back on the properties that put it where it is today. Heroes like Bloodshot and Ninjak are far from being retired over at the big V.

Ninja-K #1 (SEP172019) is launching in November," Simons adds. "Quantum &Woody #1 (OCT171904)? This is by Daniel Kibblesmith, and Daniel is a writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Super funny guy. If you’re born to laugh, go to his Twitter feed. He’s kind of brilliant.”

While we urge you to go to our PREVIEWSworld Twitter feed to check out what we tweet out daily, we also suggest you check out the above PREVIEWSworld video interview with Warren Simons so that you can get in front of the great stuff Valiant will be putting out in 2018 and beyond at your local comic shop!

 Britannia Volume 2: We Who Are About To Die TP (JUL172280)
Britannia Volume 1 TP (DEC162066)
 Ninja-K #1 (SEP172019)
Quantum &Woody #1 (OCT171904)
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