Redlands Rampant With Wild Wicked Witches


Witches. Maybe they’re just misunderstood. Of course, you’ll fall back on your old prejudice and assume they’re just hags cackling over a stew pot. But they could also be the kind of ladies that drive Jack Nicholson crazy in The Witches of Eastwick. If we’re talking comic books, maybe they’re an amalgam of the two? Cackling hag meets hot housewife to produce a new breed of spell caster?

When you check out Redlands #1 (JUN170621) from Image Comics in the June PREVIEWS, the questions are endless. We don’t see what the witches are wearing, so it’s hard to say whether they’re wonderful or wicked. But you should get a pretty good idea when you see the four preview pages that something’s amiss. And deadly. Most likely those casting spells and causing mayhem do not have fingernails polished, but rather have them crusted over with dried blood and scalp hair.

Then there’s the barricaded scenario that makes us ask who might be first in line to get bewitched. It appears to be victims’ night, a la Night of the Living Dead-style. Doesn’t promise to be pretty. Our curiosity is further piqued as the preview for the book shows a tree roasting in flames. Apparently, we’re jumping right into the fire from the beginning of this tale from writer Jordie Bellaire and artist Vanesa R. Del Rey.

A sleepy sunny town in Florida is the setting for Redlands, and we encourage you to check out the preview pages below that give an overview of this creepy new horror story that’s set to hit comic shops August 9.

Image Comics' Redlands #1 (JUN170621) is in comic shops August 9.

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