Bryan Hill Stays Brutal With Romulus #1

It’s human nature for many of us to leave the nest so that we may come into our own. It is the natural way of things for us to want to attain self-worth. Independence. Should we achieve those goals, there is a great measure of satisfaction. But what if your happiness was inconsequential? What if the hand that rocked your cradle only did so because it was the way of things? Meaning, you are only a tool for those that live in the shadows. What if your life really wasn’t your own to live?

Would you succumb to the life of a puppet?

Or would you reach up to cut those strings that pulled on your limbs and liberty?

Writer Bryan Hill asks those questions in Top Cow’s Romulus #1 (AUG160587), with art chores by Nelson Blake. Both creators paint the picture of a woman named Ashlar. Raised to serve The Ancient Order, she is about to turn her back on her training and allegiance for freedom.

And the cost will be brutal.

Look for Romulus #1 (AUG160587) in the Image Comics section of the August PREVIEWS catalog!

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