PRESS START: Legend of Zelda and Dragon Age

by Andrea Purcell

You’ll be springing into your local comic book store this month after reading the March PRESS START: Video Game Comics and Collectibles Column! This month it's swords and sorcery galore in Warcraft and Dragon Age, plus an all new Legend of Zelda Figma and Play Arts Kai figures for Halo 5. Video game-related items are sprinkled through each month’s PREVIEWS catalog, and we go through to pick out the coolest products. With everything from comics and art books to statues and toys, the PREVIEWS catalog is full of everything a gamer needs.

Don't wait to reach a save point. Head to your local comic shop to pre-order all of the cool items in this month’s column and many more!

Horde vs Alliance

Just in time to set the stage for the upcoming major motion picture, Legendary Pictures is giving Blizzard fans a glimpse at the events that set in motion the film’s events.

Warcraft Bonds of Brotherhood (MAR161562) is an original story conceived by longtime Warcraft writer Chris Metzen that will transport readers to Azeroth to witness the first meetings between human and orcs, and how the battle between the two races first began.

Delving into the themes behind Warcraft, this original graphic novel will take gamers on a thrilling adventure of bravery, bloodshed, and brotherhood. 

Take to the Sky

Move over Skylanders, the Superchargers are here in IDW Publishing’s latest graphic novel in the all ages gaming franchise Skylanders Secret Agents Secrets (MAR160447). This hardcover will reveal all of the secrets of Spyro and the gang, plus the story behind the long missing Skylanders Elite team of Boomer, Voodood, and Ghost Roaster. In this installment the Superchargers must stop and insidious evil force bent on taking over all of Skylands, but what Skylander secret will this malevolent force reveal? Get ready for another full-throttle, action adventure Skylanders tale!

Into Darkness, Unafraid

Dark Horse Comics presents an all new tale from award-winning writer Greg Rucka as Dragon Age Magekiller (MAR160090) takes readers on a journey into the world of Bioware’s popular RPG.

An immersive and dark realm, Dragon Age is a fresh take on the classic swords and sorcery fare and brings new life to the fantasy genre. Magekiller focuses on two mercenary partners, Tessa and Marius, who are tasked with eliminating magic users who have turned toward the darkness before they can use their ill-gotten magic for harm.

When a powerful patron approaches them with a new mission it quickly turns to betrayal when the patron double crosses the duo and tries to kill them. As they flee for their lives, Tessa and Marius must decide their future and whether they can trust the protection of the powerful Inquisition. 

Hey, Listen!

Go on your very own Hylian adventures with the all new Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds Link Figma (NOV158469) from Good Smile Company.

Based on his appearance in the 3DS game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, this high quality and super poseable figma comes equipped with both the Master Sword and Hylian Shield.

Good Smile Company is also offering the Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds Deluxe Version Figma (NOV158470) with tons of other accessories like the Tornado Rod, Hookshot, Bomb, Baby Maiamai, perfect for the passionate Nintendo collector.

Master of His Domain

Bring a piece of the UNSC glory home as Square Enix revamps everyone’s favorite space marine with the Halo 5 Play Arts Kai Master Chief Action Figure (NOV158471).

Outfited in his Mark VI Mjolnir powered suit, complete with armor damage and weathering, the artists at Square Enix have realistically recreated Master Chief based on actual in-game design materials.

As Halo fans know, you can’t have the light without the dark, so Square Enix has also created the Halo 5 Play Arts Kai Spartan Locke Action Figure (NOV158472). Faithfully reproduced with intricately sculpted details, Spartan Locke shows off a sophisticated style for a warrior of a new age.

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