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Robert Kirkman, the mind behind pop culture phenomenon The Walking Dead, is bringing more of our fears to life in his new Image Comics series Outcast. Soon to be a live action television series from Cinemax; Outcast tells the story of Kyle Barnes, a man plagued by demonic possession his entire life.  

With the dark and moody tone of the book set by artist Paul Azaceta, Kirkman works his magic and creates a world in which demons cavort among us and wait for the perfect moment to strike. A chilling portrayal of the dangers of small town mentalities, Outcast draws a fine line between personal demons and demonic threats.  

Face your fears at your local comic shop and pick up these comics and graphic novels that will bring you into the world of Outcast

 Better the Devil You Know...

In the first volume of Outcast (OCT140637), it is immediately evident that something has gone terribly wrong and for poor Kyle Barnes things are just going to get worse.

As the series progresses, we are dragged into a world that few understand and where a man of the cloth is the only protection offered. Living in isolation where his tortured past maintains a tight grip on his life, Kyle must set upon a hero’s journey and use his ability to cast out demons to help those in need.

As Robert Kirkman lays out the first chapter of an expansive saga based on the traditional struggle between man and demons, readers will have to puzzle together the underlying threads of this gripping tale. 


...Then the Devil You Don't

After the events of the first volume, Kyle and his partner in exorcisms, Reverend Anderson, have saved at least a few souls from the devil’s grip, but even worse is on its way in the second volume of Outcast (JUL150633).

As Kyle reunites with his family and finds a new sense of purpose, Reverend Anderson’s life is slowly falling apart and his past exorcisms are coming back to haunt him. Now that he has Kyle at his side, the Reverend must revisit his past demons and force them out once and for all.

But someone is watching them from the shadows, an old man who might be possessed by the greatest demon of all. 


 Sell Your Soul

If you’re not ready to submit to the world of Outcast, Image Comics offers a glimpse into the horror that awaits with the special Image Firsts Outcast #1 (OCT140699).

Reprinting the entire first issue and offering it for only a dollar, this is the perfect way to get a taste for the story before committing to an entire trade paperback.

With a price point that appeals to booklovers looking to spice up their reading, Images Firsts are the gateway to a whole new world of comics.


 The Damage Done

Outcast #17 (JAN160602) is the latest issue of the series and it hits comic shops on March 23rd.

Kyle's step-sister Megan has to come to grips with the horror of what she did while possessed by a demon.

The damage is done, so you'll have to read on to see where this situation goes.

Learn more about Outcast and other comics by Robert Kirkman at your local comic shop and watch the all new series when it premieres June 3rd on Cinemax

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