Know Your Heroes: Agent Carter

Peggy Carter is back in action as season two of Marvel’s Agent Carter is set to premiere. Captain America’s best gal is heading to LA, along with Jarvis and Howard Stark, to shake up Hollywood and take on the villainous Madame Masque. 

Most fans first met Peggy Carter on the screen when actress Hayley Atwell brought the character to life in Captain America: The First Avenger. But Peggy has been in comics since 1966, only two years after Captain America joined The Avengers! First appearing in Tales of Suspense #77, Peggy has fought next to Steve in World War 2, worked with S.H.I.E.L.D., and helped The Avengers.

We’ve gathered a few collections that any die-hard Peggy fan should read before the second season begins on January 19th!

 I Know My Value

If you only have time to read one Peggy Carter comic before the second season starts, Marvel has you covered with Captain America: Peggy Carter, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 (OCT140823).

A three-in-one collection of Peggy's adventures, the highlight of this collection is Kathryn Immonen’s story of Peggy in the midst of World War Two France.

Peggy faces down the Nazi regime with some help from the French Resistance and Captain America. If you loved her interactions with the Howling Commandos in the first season, this issue is the perfect continuation.

As a bonus, Peggy’s very first appearance in comics is included, Tales of Suspense #77.

Steve was smitten by Peggy from the very start, and now you can see how they met in the Marvel comics universe.

Do As Peggy Says

Created as a tie-in to the Marvel event Original Sin, Peggy and Howard head to Russia to take on Hydra in Operation Sin: Agent Carter (MAY150821).

An alien energy source has been discovered, and it’s “finders keepers” when you’re fighting with Hydra.

But when Howard accidentally causes a UFO to fire on Moscow, none of their team is safe.

Peggy and her team are forced underground as Soviet scientists work together with Hydra to unleash an ancient terror!

Peggy must face unbearable choices with grim penalties and try to get herself and her team out alive.

 Bucky and Peggy

Taking place well after Peggy’s wartime heroics, her story in the comic pages comes to an end in Captain America: Trail of Captain America Omnibus (JUL140714).

Bucky, the Winter Soldier, and Steve Rogers are fighting over who will take over the mantle of Captain America; but doesn’t Peggy get a say?

Bedridden and soon to die, Peggy Carter gets to say goodbye to the man she loved for so many years as Steve takes on his new role as head of S.H.I.E.L.D.

A touching tribute to Cap’s best gal, this omnibus is full of comics that deftly tie together the world of Agent Carter and Winter Soldier.



 As Beautiful as She is Deadly

Agent Carter has the best fashion sense in comics, and her blue trench coat and red fedora have become staples for cosplay enthusiasts.

Her 1950’s flair is inspirational and now you can show off your new style icon with the POP Marvel Agent Carter Vinyl Figure (APR158599).

The perfect size to bring a touch a class to any desk or shelf, Peggy stands tall, hands on hips, to take on whatever the patriarchy throws at her.

There’s no reason to watch the latest season alone, so bring this POP! version of Peggy along for the adventure!

Learn more about Agent Carter at your local comic shop and watch the second season when it premieres on ABC, January 19th!

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