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Kate Leth Takes A Bite Out of Vampirella

Article Image 1342She's been in comic book adventures since your Dad was in grade school. She's even taken on Dracula. And her sultry swagger, drop dead good looks, and thirst for crimson nutrition has made her a horror icon that few can match. Her name is Vampirella, and in this interview Dynamite's own Keith Davidson sat down for a chat with Kate Leth about her new take on Vampirella Volume 3 #1 (JAN161313), which arrives at your local comic shop this March!

Vampirella Volume 3 #1 (JAN161313) is in comic shops March 2.


Keith Davidsen: You're taking the reins on Vampirella, an outright icon in horror comics. What are your favorite aspects about this enduring character? 

Kate Leth: I love the genre that Vampirella comes from. I'm a fan of classic horror, of B-movies, of monsters and things that go bump in the night. Vampirella's both classic and otherworldly, terrifying and camp. She represents a style that we don't see much of anymore, and I'm thrilled to get the chance to try something new with her.

Keith Davidsen:  With decades of monster-hunting under her belt, Vampirellla has seen threats of all shapes and sizes. What can you tell us about the foe (or foes) she'll face in the new series?

Article Image 792aKate Leth: We're dealing with the long history of horror in Hollywood, all the way back to the first black and white films. We'll get to know an organization that has been turning the wheels and terrorizing productions for decades, led by a woman who's not keen on having a monster hunter in town. We open with a bit of tongue-in-cheek, but quickly realize there are very real dangers for Vampi in this story.

Keith Davidsen:  The new direction for Vampirella runs concurrently with the new series for Red Sonja and Dejah Thoris, based on an idea conceived of by Gail Simone following the epic Swords of Sorrow crossover. Do readers need to know what came before, or what's going on in the other series? What are your thoughts on this bold new dynamite initative?

Kate Leth: I'm excited to see Dynamite move in this direction and take chances with younger, newer creators. I want Vampirella to be new-reader-friendly, but we also see some characters from her past follow her to her new life. You won't need to know what's going on elsewhere, but you should. Those are some great new books!

Keith Davidsen: What should fans know about Vampirella's new costume design, and how it fits into the story? What are your thoughts on the new costume by comparison to the classic design?

Article Image 8d8cKate Leth: I love her new design, and I love her original design. The new costume is so fantastic because it's not only something I wish I owned, but it makes sense for her as a capable, crime-fighting vampire! We'll absolutely see her classic look, but what's changing is how she wears it, and when.

Keith Davidsen: Your fans know you from your work on such whimsical titles as Adventure Time and Edward Scissorhands. Are there themes or storytelling techniques which paralell your previous work? What would you like your fans to think when they read the new Vampirella series?

Kate Leth: I'd like fans to approach it expecting something new. It's cheeky and sexy, scary, and a little dark. It's not like anything I've written before, and I'm taking new risks. It's not a a kids' book, although I want it to have that feeling of sneaking into an R-rated movie. You can be sure it'll be filled with quips and innuendo, as well as some good bloody action. 

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