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I Want To Believe: Opening The X-Files Before Fox's Premiere

by Vince Brusio

They tell us that it will probably happen on a Friday. But in truth, they'll never tell you anything that's true, so pay no attention to their words. Pay attention to their deeds. When you put down your cell phone and see what's really going on, there's no question that your help is needed to re-open The X-Files.

Article Image 540dIt's been far too long since we initiated a thorough investigation into those matters that we've been told don't concern us. The advice on how we should leave things to the "experts" is becoming tiresome don't you think? Many of us have held back long enough, weighing the pros and cons of once again bucking the establishment as, after all, they control the media. They pretty much control everything. The only way for us to bring about real change is to act in concert. Mob flash 'em. Rush the gates so fast that they can't pour the boiling oil over the wall fast enough.

To begin the movement, it starts with checking out The X-Files Season 11 #5 (OCT150371).

Movements are successful if you first commit to due diligence. Good intelligence is the first key to success, and with fires burning everywhere you want to know how best to put the flames out. Written by Joe Harris with art by Matthew Dow Smith, issue #5 is something you can process in one sitting. It's a self-contained story that lets us research the past of Gibson Praise, which is the current source of headaches for agents Mulder and Scully.

What our investigators learn is that the Syndicate wasn't the only faction that pursued the child prodigy. Which, of course, lends itself to a million and one more questions. But that's why you've been tasked to review this information as well. Your eyes on this information is just as important, and crucial to further analysis.

Article Image a0f0By the way, the issue is also available as a Subscription Variant (OCT150372) and Archie 75th Anniversary Variant (OCT150373) for those of you who are completists. Word to the wise, dear collector.

This standalone story, however, shouldn't be the end-all of your work day. Nothing's that simple. There's also a Special Season 11 tie-in with The X-Files X-Mas Special (OCT150374).

You probably want to add this to your case work, as it profiles the Lone Gunmen which later learns of the impending arrival of some unwelcome visitors. Best to check this out, and see who's working on the outer limits of the government's radar. Rule #7 of staying ahead of the Killing Machine: never turn your back on a loose end which can wrap around your throat and squeeze tight before you can text your partner for backup. This book is also available in a Subscription Variant (OCT150375).

By now some of you are wondering if this briefing will inform you of a pattern that connects the dots between printed matter and The X-Files TV show. The answer to that question is "yes." Do you think we've been eluding those who want us erased simply by doing this without Mulder and Scully? They lead. We follow. Again, it's that simple. So you needn't look any further than to check out the X-Files Minimates Modern Mulder & Scully 2-Pack (OCT152185) and X-Files Vinimates Classic Mulder & Scully Vinyl Figures (OCT152186) to see that our lead investigators are on the job 24/7, and will continue to work without coffee breaks until the satellite in the sky is put out of commission.

Article Image 84e9 Article Image 7961
X-Files Minimates Modern Mulder & Scully 2-Pack
X-Files Vinimates Classic Mulder & Scully Vinyl Figures

It's up to you, people. Do you really want to know what's out there? Then look for these items in the October PREVIEWS catalog starting now.

Keep the faith, keep reading comics...and keep your eyes out for wandering hands that may want to swipe your X-Files toys. I have a ship leaving for Mars, and it's a one-way questions asked ... and none answered.

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