Staff Picks (April): The League Of Regrettable Superheroes


Most of us know the origin stories of Superman and Spider-man! But what about classic characters like Bozo the Iron Man? Rainbow Boy? Doctor Hormone?

Any comics fans can recount the adventures of everyone's favorite dynamic duo Batman and Robin. But it is a true fan who know about the timeless, tireless twosome, Nightmare and Sleepy!

For any comics fan there is a fond nostalgia that we feel for the characters that we know and love, but in order to get the greats that have stood the test of time we had to go through a couple of duds. Thankfully Quirk Books is there for us and we now have a truly wonderful book that chronicles some of the greatest comic duds of all time. As a long time fan of the under-appreciated, the uncensored, and the hilarious I am very proud to introduce you to The League of Regrettable Superheroes!

Appropriately subtitled “Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History,” Jon Morris takes us from the very beginning to the very recent in comics history showcasing in biographical details many of the comic characters that weren't quite up to muster to last until today but are none-the-less insanely hilarious and so much part of what has made the comics book industry so unique as a pop culture medium.

If you have ever scoured the Golden and Silver Age long-boxes at a convention like I have and gotten a chuckle out of the likes of Kangaroo Man, Ultra, the Multi Alien, or even everyone's favorite ROM, Spaceknight this book is absolutely for you! An absolute fun book to read, Morris gives fans everything from the all-important origin story, to the created creators (which some will surprise you), to recounts of some of these guys crazy adventures.

As a comics fan you owe it to yourself to pick up this book. You'll be glad you did because now you cannot only tell all of your friends about the skirmishes that the Avengers have gotten into over time, but you'll be able to pull out gems like “did you know that Will Eisner created the classic character Doll Man "who no fist could hold?”!

—Caitlin McCabe

Publisher: Quirk Books
Item Codes: APR151910
Release Dates:
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