Brian Wood Supports Rebels With A Cause

by Vince Brusio

The birth of a nation is a subject dear to the heart of Brian Wood. He decided it was time to do more than check out numerous books at the library. He honored past patriots with his new book Rebels #1 (FEB150008) from Dark Horse Comics. In this PREVIEWSworld Exclusive interview, Brian explains that what used to fascinate him as a kid is just as much a part of him today.

Rebels #1 (FEB150008) is in comic shops April 8.


PREVIEWSworld: First of all, Rebels is a “historical epic of America’s founding.” What’s your attraction to this subject matter?

Brian Wood: It’s a personal attraction. It’s the story of my own country's founding, and it’s an inspirational one. Digging a little deeper, I also grew up in an area rich in this history, walking past the landmarks on my way to school, and the heroes of my childhood are the same heroes in Rebels.  

PREVIEWSworld: If you had to tease Rebels today at a signing or a convention, what would you say to the audience to get them excited about the story?

Brian Wood: One phrase I came across early in my research is "America's first militia," which refers to the Green Mountain Boys, a pivotal group early in the war for independence. I think that's a great hook, a way to tie history to current events, a way to look at both the present and the past.  So much of current political maneuvering is justified by this history.  

PREVIEWSworld: What scene(s) are the most sensational that would make for a good picture on Instagram?

Brian Wood: The civilian militia darting through the forests, outflanking the redcoats.  It’s easy to imagine huge set piece battles like out of a Hollywood field, but I like the small scale stuff. It’s more visceral, more personal. 

PREVIEWSworld: Are you aiming to do something with Rebels besides telling an entertaining story? Do you think there needs to be a renewed focus on American history because its relevance to current events is somehow not being applied?

Brian Wood: I think America is already hyper-focused on this history, but I think a lot of the history is twisted, or used as justification, or just a glossy sort of decoration.  I'm a patriot, I'm proud of this stuff, so while a great story is crucial, I'm hoping to bring a true appreciation for the history and its meaning to us now.

PREVIEWSworld: If you could direct readers to a source of information or point of contact for Rebels, where should they go?


Brian Wood: The library!  There's just a massive amount of information, books, about this.  I like Jill Lepore's writings on the subject, especially "The Whites Of Their Eyes."

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