Bandai's SprüKits Let You Build Your Favorite Action Figures

Bandai America had a full display of their SprüKits at the PREVIEWSworld Booth #2401 at Comic-Con International: San Diego. Watch our interview with Craig Drobis above!

Sprükits, deemed as one of the ‘coolest’ toys from Toy Fair, will land on shelves late this summer from Bandai America. The highly detailed action figure model kits feature a wide variety of characters from DC Comics, Microsoft’s Halo franchise, and TV Tokyo’s mega hit LBX franchises.

SprüKits are the next evolution in the original Japanese toymaker’s best-selling model kits.

Designed with the most advanced injection molding technology available, parts snap together without glue, paint or scissors, as is typically expected in a model kit.

For beginners to those seeking an intense challenge, three different levels offer construction play for all kids. For instance, with 85-118 pieces, Level 2 model kits could take over an hour to construct, whereas Level 1 kits have half the pieces, and Level 3 tops out at more than 150 pieces.

Each level increases in complexity and built time, delivering a larger figure with sharper details, increased articulation and poseability.

Serious builders and collectors will find exceptional detail provided by Level 3 SprüKits figures including realistic facial features and countless articulation points.

Combined, there are 13 different SprüKits characters.

From DC Comics: New 52 Batman, The Dark Knight Rises Batman, Batman: Arkham City Batman, New 52 Superman, Man of Steel Superman, and Original Comic The Joker.

From the Halo franchise: Master Chief, Spartan Gabriel Thorne and Commander Sarah Palmer.

Four LBX characters will also be available: Achilles, Deqoo, The Emperor, and Hunter. LBX, debuting domestically on NickToons in August, has tremendous history and success in Japan and throughout Asia.

For more than 30 years, Bandai has been the leader in the character model kit market around the world, most commonly represented in the billion-dollar Gundam franchise. Bandai America’s SprüKits line builds on the company’s reputation as the leading trend-setter and toy manufacturer. With a host of exciting new figures and characters, SprüKits will leave a distinct mark on the construction toy category. Join the SprüKits community today at

Have a look at the different SprüKits figures available at each level below and be sure to order yours today at your local comic book shop!


Level/Size Characters

Average Time


Level 1 - 4" Figures

Detailed sculpting, including
facial features

DC Comics
New 52 Batman
The Dark Knight Rises Batman
New 52 Superman
Original Comic The Joker


21-26 pieces
15-20 minutes





Level 2 - 5" Figures

Greater detail, more
articulation for increased

DC Comics
The Dark Knight Rises Batman
Batman: Arkham City Batman
Man of Steel Superman

Master Chief
Spartan Gabriel Thorne
Commander Sarah Palmer

The Emperor

85-118 pieces
60-90 minutes

Level 3 - 9" Figures

Lifelike sculpting, including
facial features, and
extreme articulation

DC Comics
Batman: Arkham City Batman

Master Chief

161 pieces
2-3 hours

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