Press Start: Plants vs. Zombies Invade Comic Shops

The Zombies are coming! PopCap’s garden defense strategy game made popular on smart phones and tablets has gone on to become a cultural phenomenon, and fans everywhere are hoarding their sunlight to prepare for the invasion. Now it’s here! Fresh off the release of Plants vs. Zombies 2, PREVIEWS is invading comic shops soon with all the PVZ collectibles a fan could ever want. So why not get your hands dirty, plant a few peashooters, and check out what PREVIEWS has to offer from the cute and crazy world of Plants vs. Zombies.

First up, Jazwares is bringing out a variety of toys and collectibles from the Plants vs. Zombies universe including the 7-inch plushes of the Zombie, Squash, Sunflower, and Peashooter. They are also offering the Cherry Plush and the Zombie Imp Plush to flesh out your collection.

Be on the lookout for the Jazwares line of Plants vs. Zombies figures as well. With the 6-inch Exploding Zombie Action Figure that literally falls apart with the push of his tie. Also coming; wave two of the PVZ 3-inch figures featuring Football Zombie and Jalapeno, Crazy Dave and Imp, and Digger Zombie with Potato Mine. And finally Jazwares is pleasing fans with the 2-inch figure 6-pack that includes The Regular Zombie, Imp Zombie, Football Zombie, Peashooter, Cherry Bomb, and Squash all in one box!

If you’re itching for something a little more expensive check out the two new Plants vs. Zombies Statues from Gaming Heads. These two new statues of the iconic Peashooter and Regular Zombie characters come captured in PopCap’s signature style. When together, the zombie figurine stands on a tile of grass looking like he does in the game, slowly but surely trying to make his way up to the valiant Peashooter, stalwart defender of the house. Cast in high quality polystone and hand painted, the 13” Zombie and 9” Peashooter are limited to 750 pieces worldwide. So be sure to pre-order now at your local comic shop!

Finally, check out the new Art of Plants vs. Zombies book from Dark Horse Comics to get the full story of Plants vs. Zombies all from the Zombies’ point of view. Part zombie memoir, part celebration of zombie triumphs, and part anti-plant screed, this treasure trove of never-before-seen concept art covers Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombie 2, Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, and the new Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare!

The Witcher Leads an Onslaught of New Video Game Comics

Dark Horse Comics continues their onslaught of Video Game comics with the new five-part miniseries based on the wildly popular dark fantasy series The Witcher, with The Witcher #1. This new entry into the life of Geralt explores his trek into the edge of the Black Forest and the horrors he finds within the House of Glass. Fans of The Witcher won’t want to miss out!

January also brings a new look at the second entry of Dark Horse’s ongoing Tomb Raider series with Tomb Raider #2; a continuation of the hit franchise reboot where Lara and her friends experience horrific visions in the aftermath of their ordeal on the lost island of Yamatai. Like Tomb Raider, there will of course be new releases of Halo: Escalation #4; which continues the tale of the Infinity ambush, and Mass Effect: Foundation #9; where fan favorite Mordin Solus helps to resurrect Shepard. Each promises to deliver enough action and story to please any fan. Check them all out in March.

If you’re looking forward to the newest release in the legendary Wolfenstien series, Wolfenstein: The New Order, then be sure to check out the latest release of the Dark Horse “Art of …” series with the Art of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Inside you’ll find exclusive concept art, character designs, and a behind the scenes look into the making of one of the most anticipated games of 2014.

Of course Archie Comics continues both of their Sonic comic series with Sonic The Hedgehog #259; where Sonic fights for his life against the terrifying super-badnik, and Sonic Universe #62; the epic conclusion to the “Shadow Fall” saga.

Look out for the newest entry in the Archie Comics Mega Man series with Mega Man #35, which features the return to the world of Mega Man X. It’s the issue everyone’s talking about: “Shadow of the Moon” Part Two sees Mega lead his robot friends uncover the mysteries behind the Temple of the Moon.

And finally, take a trip to the fighting ring with Street Fighter Classic Vol.3: Psycho Crusher. Catch up on UDON’s classic Street Fighter comics presented in a gorgeous hardcover collection, available for new and old fans alike. The previous collections Street Fighter Classic Vol.1: Hadoken and Street Fighter Origin: Akuma are also available to get you caught up in the world of Street Fighter comics.

Amazing Street Fighter Statues and Other Video Game Collectibles

This month's round up of Video Game collectibles features high quality statues from some of gaming’s most famous franchises. Like the Street Fighter Akuma 1/1 Scale Bust, that captures the evil behind the LED glowing eyes of one of gaming’s most feared antagonists.

And Kotobukiya is bringing out the much anticipated Cammy Bishoujo Statue, also from Street Fighter. Faithfully recreated, the 1/7 scale Cammy statue captures the image and personality of the fan favorite character in a highly detailed sculpt. Fans of Street Fighter won’t want to miss out on either of these two incredible statues, so pre-order both now at your local comic shop.

If your fighting game tastes are more Mortal Kombat than Street Fighter, then be sure to check out the Mortal Kombat Klassic: Goro 1/4-Scale Statue from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. Based on his appearance from the first Mortal Kombat games and at 24” tall, this masterfully crafted collectible should be found on the shelf of any Mortal Kombat fan worthy of owning a piece of Mortal Kombat history.

Valve fans take note; Gaming Heads is bringing out a 15” tall Smoker Statue, limited to 750 pieces. This gruesome statue features all the detail and gore fans would expect from a special infected. Standing on top of a stand modeled after a piece of debris, The Smoker Statue will complement the shelf of any Left 4 Dead fan. Just be sure to watch out for his tongue!

And finally, with the next-gen release of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition this month, why not check out the Lara Croft Play Arts Kai Action figure, conveniently offered again for new and old fans of the critically acclaimed video game reboot and the new ongoing Dark Horse comic series.

That does it for this month’s roundup of all the gaming goodies featured in the January PREVIEWS. All of the products featured here are available to pre-order now at your local comic shop, and be sure to check back each month to see what other gaming comics and collectibles await on

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