Happy Halloween From Fan Favorite Victoria Cosplay

Known in the cosplay world as "VictoriaCosplay," Victoria is quick to explain that, for her, cosplay is about "self expression, individuality and expressing yourself creatively and artistically through costuming and photography." She takes her craft very seriously, and has made a name for herself in the cosplay universe to the point where we just had to showcase her for our fans this Halloween. Read our interview with Victoria to learn more about her thoughts on cosplay, and what she hopes will happen for the hobby's future.

PREVIEWSworld: Why cosplay? What is it about this do-it-yourself hobby that you find so appealing? 

: Cosplay is a form of self expression for me. I get to pay tribute to my favorite characters through the art of costuming. The creativity pushes the limits of your imagination. Most importantly, it's fun. Who doesn't want to dress as a superhero?

PREVIEWSworld: What do you find attractive about the character(s) you cosplay? How were you introduced to them? Does it stem from a longtime child admiration? Is it more about what the character stands for, or champions in stories and/or films?

Victoria: Every character has a different reason for why they are important to me. Wonder Woman was the first female superhero I was exposed to, Belle is my favorite Disney Princess and so on. What they all have in common is that they are all very strong, independent characters who are true to themselves.

PREVIEWSworld: What preparations do you undertake to make a costume? Do you research online? Is there a particular store you visit for materials? Do you network among peers or organizations to seek out specific fabrics or props?

Victoria: Research is a big part of costuming when deciding what variant I want to costume, and how my hair and makeup should look. I Google pictures, pop in DVD's, and thumb through my comic collection. I also think outside the box and do different things, like my dark haired Supergirl.

I have many wonderful friends within the cosplay community, and we chat about wigs, fabrics, paints, and so on. I've commissioned people to make things for me in the past but I'm starting to make my own costumes and accessories more and more now. I'm still learning.

PREVIEWSworld: Walk us through making a costume. What machines/tools do you use? Do you ask tailors to help you, and if so how? How long does it take you to make your costume?

Victoria: I am currently only hand stitching at the moment. I am also painting weapons and masks with acrylic and spray paint. I made the shoes for my Poison Ivy costume using plastic leaves and hot glue. You can't really put a time frame on how long it takes to make something. It's whenever I have free time and I'm working on a new project for a few days, maybe a few weeks.

PREVIEWSworld: How do you network yourself as a cosplayer? Do you regularly attend shows? Do you do contractual work? Do you regularly update social media sites, and if so could you give us the url addresses so people can contact you?

Victoria: I attend as many conventions as possible. Sometimes I am there as a simple con goer. Other times I am attending as a member of the press or I am working at a booth. I have a blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts that I update regularly. Also, I have an Instagram Screen Name (@VictoriaCosplay) and I work with Green House Photgraphy.

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