Spartan Slaves History Featured in Gillen's Three

Kieron Gillen's new Greek historical epic Three is an intense and action packed look at the lives of three Spartan slaves, called Helots, on the run.

Having sold out within the first week of its release, Image Comics is making sure everyone gets a chance to jump into this new series by releasing a second printing (AUG138462) on November 13th.

PREVIEWSworld's Vince Brusio talked with Gillen during this year's New York Comic Con to ask what this new historical epic is all about.

“The story is basically about three Helots who kill Ephor, one of the Spartan leaders pretty much by accident and then have to go the run. And they send the Hippeis, 300 of the best warriors in Sparta, the king’s own guard," said Gillen. "It’s basically me doing a really serious historical action story about people who never really got serious historical action stories about them. We know so much about the great Greek heroes, and these are people who pretty much were written out of history and we want to try to write them back in.”

Watch the full interview below to find out more about Three!

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