October PREVIEWS Features Exclusive New EMCE Zombie Products

The undead rise again in the pages of the October issue of PREVIEWS with new Night of the Living Dead, Cthulhu and zombie soldiers infecting the living and keeping the zombie craze marching forward.  These PREVIEWS Exclusive products from EMCE Toys can be pre-ordered now and are scheduled to arrive in stores in late March 2014.  

“We are capturing the iconic status of Night of the Living Dead, and with the horror genre continuing to heat up more and more each year, anyone from the hardcore horror fan to those who appreciate dark humor will be interested these exclusive items,” said Joe Sena, President of Fourth Castle Media.

Featuring memorable scenes and characters, the Night of the Living Dead buttons and magnets celebrate the 45th anniversary of the horrifying classic movie. With characters such as Karen Cooper, Johnny, the graveyard zombie and famous scenes from the movie, Night of the Living Dead, fans are sure to crave these collectibles featuring favorite haunting memories from the movie.    

The Cthulhu items feature the guardian of dark secrets as a PREVIEWS exclusive item which includes a four piece eldritch and arcane pin set and a Cthulhu sculpture magnet to keep watch from his magnetized throne. EMCE also has a growing line of generic zombie toys including zombie soldiers, pin set, Caution Zombie Outbreak tape, and radioactive zombie figures all of which are PREVIEWS exclusives, available only at your local comic shop.

EMCE and its parent company Fourth Castle Micromedia has been working with Diamond since 2005 to bring comic book shops and fans exclusive horror-related merchandise. From their first ever Zombie Outbreak Survival Kit to the major licensee for Night of the Living Dead, EMCE has been creating classic horror items to bring the original scary monsters back to life.     

All the EMCE items are featured in the October PREVIEWS catalog on pages 490 and 491 and can be pre-ordered now. The Night of the Living Dead, Cthulhu and Zombie related merchandise are scheduled to release in late March, 2014.

  • PREVIEWS Exclusive Night of the Living Dead: Karen Cooper Figural Magnet (OCT132358)
  • PREVIEWS Exclusive NOTLD: Creepy Characters Magnet Set (OCT132360)
  • PREVIEWS Exclusive NOTLD 4-Piece Pin Set  (OCT132365)

  • PREVIEWS Exclusive NOTLD Word Puzzle Magnet Set (OCT132359)

  • PREVIEWS Exclusive  NOTLD Lobby Card PX Fridge Magent (OCT132361)
  • PREVIEWS Exclusive Zombie Outbreak Zone Caution Tape (OCT132363)
  • PREVIEWS Exclusive Cthulhu PX 4 PC Pin Set (OCT132364)
  • PREVIEWS Exclusive Cthulhu Figural Refrigerator Magent (OCT132366)
  • PREVIEWS Exclusive Zombies PX 4 PC Pin Set (OCT132365)
  • PREVIEWS Exclusive Military Zombie Containment Unit PX (OCT132367)

  • PREVIEWS Exclusive Zombies at War PX Fig 35-CT Bag (OCT132368)

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