Hawken: Melee Miniseries Coming In December

Exploding from the video game screen comes an all-new anthology set in the dystopian world of Hawken, the award-winning, free-to-play, online game from Meteor Entertainment! This follow-up to Hawken: Genesis is a five-issue miniseries that will ship bi-weekly starting in December!

Hawken: Melee #1 (OCT130844) and #2 (OCT130845) from Archaia Entertainment are available to pre-order now at your local comic shop. PREVIEWSworld talked with Writer/Artist of Hawken:Melee #2, Jim Mahfood about the miniseries.


PREVIEWSworld: How familiar with the Hawken game and universe were you before joining the project?

Jim Mahfood: I wasn't very familiar. But that's nothing against Hawken. I'm out of the loop with modern video games. I won't allow myself to have a video game system in my place because I would never get any work done.

PREVIEWSworld: What drew you to the project and into the world?

Jim Mahfood: I love anything that is futuristic, slightly Blade Runner-ish. Anything that has established it's own world, look, and feel. That's what Hawken has. Plus, giant robots that kick ass! How could you not love that?

PREVIEWSworld: What parts of the world were you excited to explore?

Jim Mahfood: The giant robots! Plus, the mech pilots. My story sort of focuses on this one hot-shot mech pilot who thinks he is better than everyone else. He winds up endangering the lives of his teammates and has to deal with the consequences of that.

PREVIEWSworld: How did you find the experience of melding your unique vision, style, and voice with those that have come before? Was it liberating or did it require you to focus your approach in a unique way?

Jim Mahfood: I felt like I was able to have fun and bring my own unique voice and visual style to the project, but still be loyal to the Hawken world. It's a fun world to play in. I think any artist would be excited about having this world as a backdrop for any sort of story they might want to tell.

Preview of Hawken: Melee #1

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