Minecraft Meets Star Wars at Baltimore Comic Con 2013

Baltimore Comic Con finally took off. Big time. Not to say the show wasn’t a blast before. It was. I should know. I’ve been taking my son with me to the show since he could say “Teen Titans.” But this year Joe was treated to an experience that took all of us veterans by surprise. It was the turnout. The people. The costumes. The volume of bodies that made you walk sideways just to get from table to table.

It felt like San Diego Comic Con.

I kept telling my son, “This is it. Marc Nathan finally hit the big time. Look at all these people!”

Word was already going around the inner circle that the show next year was going to be for three days, with even more space set aside for panels and events. Time will tell. But regardless what the future holds, it was the first time the PREVIEWS crowd experienced shock and awe at the Baltimore Comic Con.


The line of people around the Baltimore Convention Center just to get into the show made your head spin. Geek culture had showed up in full force, and was ready to party.

And everyone seemed to know what The Creeper was except me!

I was old school. I was the original Star Wars geek.

But now my next generation middle-schooler that came with me to our home town show was suddenly en vogue. Minecraft was "the bomb."

“Who needs a costume when you’ve got a box and a square-shaped thing?” he said.

And get this: there was no shortage of people that said they wanted to take a picture next to Minecraft’s The Creeper, and see themselves on PREVIEWSworld.

Well, here you go folks. Thanks to all of you for posing for PREVIEWSworld, with an extra-special thanks going out to multi-talented cosplayer, Ivy Doom Kitty! She took time from signing and posing for pictures at Frank Cho’s booth to give a big shout out to one of her favorite web sites.

More pictures will be posted soon on our social media pages because, to be honest, that's where the story is, and you know it! And here's the score: there's no doubt in Baltimore that comics culture has taken on a new life, and all you have to do is go to a show like the Baltimore Comic Con to see it. People from all walks of life have embraced this culture and made it their own. They love it, they live it, and they wear it.

We’lll be posting a video or two soon on our YouTube channel, so stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages for those announcements.

But for now, check out the costumes captured in these photos, and make sure next year you order your tickets online!

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