Probably our greatest period of innovation, improvement and expansion, the ’90s was the decade in which PREVIEWS grew by leaps and bounds.

JUNE 1991

The ‘Adjective-less’ X-Men premiers, with a wraparound cover (the same as the comics), by Jim Lee. It was the first of several Marvel wraparound covers yet to come.”


“John Byrne moved to Dark Horse for his creator-owned series, Next Men, and Previews celebrated the launch with a new cover by Byrne, along with our first-ever foil logo enhancement.”

MARCH 1992

“Todd McFarlane, shortly after leaving Marvel Comics, resurfaced at Malibu Comics, the first home of the Image Comics imprint, for the launch of his new series Spawn.”

MAY 1992

“Another artist who fled Marvel Comics in the early ’90s, Jim Lee joined his fellow Image Comics founders at Malibu Comics for the debut of his new series, WildC.A.T.S.”



“Under a Previews logo of shiny blue foil, the torn and tattered cape of the Man of Steel heralded one of the biggest DC Comics events of the ’90s: The Death of Superman.”

JUNE 1993

“With Batman crippled by Bane, Gotham needed a new protector, and they got the armored Batman as seen in Batman #520, as drawn by the incomparable Kelley Jones. This issue also featured a Batman punch-out display, also by Jones.”



“Bongo Comics arrived, and with it, Bart Simpson’s favorite comic book hero, Radioactive Man. He shared our cover side-by-side with Bart’s alter-ego, Bartman!”


“A dark and moody cover by the legendary Frank Miller, for his graphic novel Sin City: Silent Night. It doesn’t get much better!”



“Alex Ross renders one of his most iconic images with his painting of the Man of Steel for the Superman Forever special.”

MAY 1999

“I’m a sucker for gorilla covers, and our May 1999 had what was probably one of the best I’d ever seen: Art Adams’ JLAPE, depicting the Justice League as, well, apes! On the front cover: Todd McFarlane’s CYGOR. Yep. Double. Gorilla. Cover.”

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