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Hip To Be Square In The Mysterious Strangers

The first issue was a book available on Free Comic Book Day.

Then there was a lull.

And now its back, and the electric eye-in-the-sky is watching over you to see if you're picking it up at the shop. Do you come alone? Or are you wearing a wire? And how good is your Bat-watusi?

You'll need to answer that question if you think this hip comic is for you, man. You need to know if you can whistle the intro to Get Smart, hum along to The Avengers, and answer truthfully that you "got" all those wacky quotes from Austin Powers.

The eyes are watching you. They're everywhere. And they want to know if you're trying to decode the encrypted clues that could be in Chris Roberson's The Mysterious Strangers from Oni Press.

"It's 60s superspies with super powers fighting a supernatural menace," said Chris Roberson in our PREVIEWSworld interview. "It's structured in two-issue arcs, so every other issue ends on a cliffhanger that's wrapped up in the next issue. It's kind of like a comic adaptation of a 60s TV show that never existed. Except that its in my head."

Got that? If not, check your wrist wratch that also lets you talk to headquarters. They'll fill you in on the rest. And while you're waiting for your next assignment, check out the above interview we did with Chris at San Diego Comic Con, where he talks more about The Mysterious Strangers, and what trap doors lie underneath welcome mats at a neighborhood near you.

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