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Giddy Up with Geof Darrow, Writer of Shaolin Cowboy from Dark Horse

Five years after it’s initial run ended, Geof Darrow’s Shaolin Cowboy (AUG130049) returns to Dark Horse as an ongoing series. Shaolin Cowboy is a loaf of wry in a wonder bread world, a nicotine patch in a ten pack-a-day universe. This October, see how the cowboy wonders as he wanders through a world where yesterday, today and tomorrow exist in a collage of carnage of his own making!

PREVIEWSworld sat down with Geof Darrow to talk about the return of Shaolin Cowboy and what readers can expect in this new series.

Article ImagePREVIEWSworld: What brought about the return of Shaolin Cowboy to Dark Horse?

Geof Darrow: I had always wanted to continue the series, and I’ve had a longtime relationship with Dark Horse Comics, and the fit felt right.

PREVIEWSworld: How does the upcoming Shaolin Cowboy series relate to the previous series? Is this a continuation of that story or something new?

Darrow: This four-issue story, and I am being generous in calling it a story, takes place years after the original series published by Burlyman Comics. The title character has to deal with some unsavory things that have followed him from a very bad place.

PREVIEWSworld: How will you try to appease old Shaolin Cowboy fans, while still trying to bring in new readers?

I don’t think I’ll have to do much appeasing, as this series is not too much different from the last one, except for a higher body count, which will probably draw in new readers. So I’ll be killing two birds with one stone, or with two chainsaws, as the series will hopefully show. Lots of the same riveting dialogue and excruciating self-examination on the Cowboy’s part. I’ll be trying to use some new letters in the dialogue this time as well. More As and more Us.

PREVIEWSworld: In the same vein, will Shaolin Cowboy have all of the same characters or will there be some new ones added?

Darrow: Fewer characters, but even more horrible opponents. The main characters are the Shaolin Cowboy and his two chainsaws, Cain and Able. There are two very small cameos by two characters the readers may remember from books published by Dark Horse Comics. The mule has disappeared but will return in a future issue that will explain the long hiatus between this series and the last.

Article Image 

PREVIEWSworld: In a market dominated by superheroes, what will make readers want to pick up this new series?

Darrow: Because the Shaolin Cowboy is a superhero. He wears a costume that has all the colors of Superman’s costume, he jumps around a lot like Batman, and he likes to snikt things like Wolverine. And I’m sure readers will want to help me make my mortgage payments, so I’m sure they’ll buy multiple copies of each issue to make up for the buying public that just doesn’t get the superhero aspect of this book.

Also this book makes for good analysis for anyone studying to be a therapist. My work shows all the obvious and not-too-obvious proof of an obsessive and psychotic personality.

PREVIEWSworld: In the past, there have been rumors of a movie based on Shaolin Cowboy. Is there still a chance that he’ll hit the silver screen?

Darrow: If someone can give Madhouse Animation in Tokyo three million dollars, we can finish the movie I started with codirector Mizushima and the Wachowskis in 2008. It is sitting in boxes in Tokyo 50 percent finished. So, if anyone out there wants to buy worldwide rights to an animated film that is part Lone Wolf, The Sopranos, Godzilla, Indiana Jones, and Night of the Living Dead, contact me via my Facebook page or website. Think of all the money you can make on your measly investment of three million dollars. Ka-ching! Wow, was that shameless or what?

PREVIEWSworld: Working as both the writer and artist on a book has to be both tremendously rewarding and also challenging. What’s your process on this book and your approach to juggling both the scripting and art duties?Article Image

Darrow: My process is just trying to have fun and hope that my enthusiasm for what I have done is transmitted onto the page. As far as it being rewarding I guess that depends on what the orders are..HINT Hint.

PREVIEWSworld: Will you continue to have “Ass-ologues” in these new issues?

Darrow: No, but in issue one there is a two-page synopsis of everything that has gone on before and makes for great bathroom reading. But I am happy to know you can use the word ass in PREVIEWS without getting into trouble. So no Ass-ologues or asses in these issues. I think I have covered the “ass” part of this interview pretty well and managed to say the word ass quite a few times without making an ass of myself.

PREVIEWSworld: You were the conceptual designer of all three Matrix films. How does the Shaolin Cowboy compare to Neo?

Darrow: Neo is a beautiful and complex soul out to save the world. He is selfless. The Shaolin Cowboy is just a guy trying to get to the next meal, and if he does the right thing in the process, so be it. Also, Keanu Reeves has directed his first film, Man of Tai Chi, and it is a beautiful martial arts film everyone should see. In fact, while you are waiting in line to see it, bring along my Shaolin Cowboy comic to read while you pass the time.

P.S. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to talk about my upcoming comic. I have worked pretty hard on it, and Dave Stewart is making some beautiful color choices, and I think if you like comics, you’ll like this one. I tried my best.

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