Matt Kindt Forever Happy at San Diego Comic-Con

It’s always a blast to talk to someone who likes to joke around, and let it all hang out on camera. Matt Kindt was like that when he talked to us at San Diego Comic Con about his new writing duties at DC Comics, which has him steering the ship on such upcoming books like Justice League of America, Suicide Squad, and Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #1. They’re only some of the biggest books offered in the August edition of the PREVIEWS catalog. No pressure, right? And the funny thing is that Matt was able to shrug his shoulders and act like it was another walk in the park. It explained how funny life was, in his mind. Things just kind of happen when you least expect them.

“Geoff [Johns] is busy with Forever Evil, and so I get to take over Justice League of America. They [DC] asked me if I wanted to do that, and I was, like, yeah. [laughs] Of course I will!”


Martian Manhunter is tagged to play a bigger role on the team. That’s the first new furniture to put in the house. “Honestly, he’s more powerful than Superman if you think about every power that he has, and the fun thing to me is that he’s like Superman except he wasn’t raised by humans.” Which, Matt argues, makes the Manhunter scary. But that’s a path he’s willing to walk, as according to his editor at DC, Matt navigates the dark side as though he were a tour guide. It fits him. Which is why they’re encouraging to write even more dark stuff like what he did with Solomon Grundy.

It was, again, unexpected. But Matt went with it because he’s like that.

“I’m so scared of villains. I don’t like villains. But I had so much fun writing those villain issues that I was, like, what’s wrong with me? I’m a happy guy! So I guess to balance it out I write those sad, dark stories to balance out me being happy all the time.”

Check out the above YouTube interview to hear more about what Matt talked about at San Diego, and flip through the August PREVIEWS to see what he’s got in store for some of DC’s biggest titles!

Suicide Squad #24
Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #1
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