Manga Classic Cyborg 009 Re-Imagined For A New Generation

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Shotaro Ishinomori's popular manga classic is re-imagined for a new generation! Awakening in a futuristic military installation with no memory of who he is or how he got there, a young man known only as CYBORG 009 has been stripped by his captors of not only his freedom but also his humanity. His body augmented by cybernetic technology, CYBORG 009 joins forces with eight other men and women, CYBORGS 001-008, and together they set off on a journey to learn the truth of why they were turned in weapons of mass destruction.

Written by F.J. DeSanto (The Spirit) and Bradley Cramp (Gattaca), and stunningly illustrated by Marcus To (Red Robin) and Eisner-nominated colorist Ian Herring (Jim Henson's Tale of Sand), this original hardcover volume includes and afterword exploring the history of CYBORG 009, plus a transparent cover gives the reader a glimpse inside the Cyborg team's mechanically augmented bodies!

PREVIEWSworld caught up with F.J. DeSanto to get this thoughts on CYBORG 009 from Archaia Entertainment.

PREVIEWSworld: What makes now the right time to introduce CYBORG 009 to a new audience?

F.J. DeSanto: Even though CYBORG 009 was created in the 60's, the themes Ishinomori touched upon are still relevant today. He understood that technological advances in warfare could create an uncertain future for humanity. Through CYBORG 009 he was able to convey a message of hope for the world by creating heroes who have been turned against their will into weapons of mass destruction yet use those abilities instead to keep the world safe.

PREVIEWSworld: How did it fall on you to help make this graphic novel happen?

F.J. DeSanto: I've been working with Ishinomori Production, Inc. in Japan to find new and exciting ways to bring Ishinomori's amazing creations to a new audience and we felt that we could best do that by launching with CYBORG 009 as a high-quality graphic novel that would appeal to fans of The Avengers and Star Trek while being true to its manga origins.

PREVIEWSworld: What can you say about the work Marcus To and Ian Herring are doing on the project?

F.J. DeSanto: You couldn't ask for a better team than Marcus and Ian. They've worked hard to strike a great balance between the classic material and a modern sensibility in a way that respects the original manga while making it appealing to a new audience. They are impeccable storytellers who have poured their hearts into making this a very special book.

PREVIEWSworld: Who is your favorite member of the CYBORG 009 team and why?

F.J. DeSanto: It's really hard to choose just one member, because there's something special about each one of them, which is why they make such a great team. I adore Francoise's pacifism and Joe's evolution from tempestuous teenager to a heroic leader and how each member complements one another. If I was forced to choose, I like that Jet—Cyborg 002—is cool and cocky. He reminds me of Han Solo, and he's a New Yorker like me.

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