Product Changes (12/4)

• Teen Titans #15
(OCT120229, $2.99) features a cover by Greg Capullo, plus a die-cut, cardstock overcover by Capullo spotlighting The Joker.

Image has announced a Ryan Ottley Variant Cover (OCT128318, $2.99) for Invincible #99, shown here.

• Fatale is now an ongoing series, effective with issue #11 (OCT120473, $3.50).

The rating of the following Marvel titles has changed from T (or in the case of All-New X-Men #6 and Captain Marvel #9, from Parental Advisory) to T+:
- Avengers Arena #3 NOW (Reg./Var.: NOV120675 / NOV120676, $2.99 ea.);
- Fantastic Four #3 NOW (Reg./Var.: NOV120681 / NOV120682, $2.99 ea.);
- All New X-Men #6 NOW (Reg./Var.: NOV120661 / NOV120662, $3.99);
- Alpha #0.1 (NOV120708, $2.99), which has also been retitled Alpha Big Time #0.1;
- Avengers #3 NOW (Reg./Vars.: NOV120663 / NOV120664 / NOV120665 / NOV120666, $3.99 ea.);
- Avengers #4 NOW (Reg./Var.: NOV120667 / NOV120668, $3.99 ea.); and
- Captain Marvel #9 (NOV120726, $2.99), which also has no free digital code;
- FF #3 NOW (Reg./Var.: NOV120679 / NOV120680, $2.99 ea.).

Each of the following Marvel titles will include a free digital code:
- Punisher: Nightmare (#1: NOV120720D, FOC 12/03/12; #2: NOV120721D, FOC 12/10/12; #3: NOV120722D, FOC 12/17/12; #4: NOV120723D, FOC 12/17/12; #5: NOV120724; $3.99 ea.);
- Savage Wolverine #1 NOW (Reg./Vars.: NOV120643 / NOV120644 / NOV120645 / NOV120646 / NOV120647 / NOV120648, $3.99 ea.); and
- Superior Spider-Man #1 NOW (Reg./Vars.: NOV120633 / NOV120634 / NOV120635 / NOV120636 / NOV120637 / NOV120638 / NOV120639 / NOV120640 , $3.99 ea)

• Ultimate Comics: Divided We Fall, United We Stand HC (NOV120764, $39.99) is now 408 pages, not 376, with new content including Ultimate Spider-Man #18.

• Gambit #8 (NOV120748, $2.99) has a cover by Clay Mann, not Pasqual Ferry.

• Hawkeye #7 (NOV120725, $2.99) has a new cover, shown here.

• Uncanny X-Force #1 NOW (Reg./Vars.: NOV120620 / NOV120621 / NOV120622 / NOV120623 / NOV120624D , $3.99 ea) is now rated Parental Advisory, not T+.

X-Men: Fall of the Mutants TP Vol. 1 (NOV120796, $24.99) is 440 pages, not 432.

X-Treme X-Men #9 (NOV120754, $2.99) has a cover by Kalman Andrasofszky, not Kalman.

• Gambit TP Vol. 1: Once a Thief (DEC120740) will be $18.99, not $16.99.

• The Regular (SEP120584) and Variant (SEP120585) editions of X-Men Legacy #2 were printed on incorrect paper stock, but shipped before the error could be identified and corrected. The error did not occur with other titles and issues, and does not reflect the type of paper stock that Marvel will use in future publications.

Dexter (#1 Reg./Var.: AUG120649 / AUG120650, #2: SEP120646; $3.99 ea.) and Powers Bureau (#1: MAY120726, #2: AUG120692, #3: OCT120677, $3.95) have been cancelled and will be resolicited at a later date.

Due to printing errors, PS Artbooks has cancelled Roy Thomas Presents Planet Comics HC Volumes 1 (JUL121189, $47.99), 2 (OCT121172, $47.99), & 3 (DEC121211, $47.99). The volumes will be resolicited in June, July, and August – respectively – of 2013. “We simply decided our customers would prefer to have the book late and right than bang-on-time and wrong,” said PS Artbooks Managing Director Pete Crowther.

The graphic on the Walking Dead: Welcome to Woodbury PREVIEWS Exclusive T-Shirt (MED-XL: DEC121411 / DEC121412 / DEC121413, $17.99; XXL: DEC121414, $19.99) no longer carries the words “A Nice Place To Live.” The altered design is shown here.

• The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Link Figma AF (NOV121864) and  the Metroid Other M: Samus Aran Figma AF (NOV121865) and Samus Arun PVC Figure Zero Suit Version (NOV121866) have been cancelled.

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