Product Changes (10/30)


• A Plus X #2, #3
, & #4 have updated solicitations. Covers for each main issue are shown here. Creator credits and stories are shown in the table below.

Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4


A Plus X Issue/Item Codes

Story A Credits

Story B Credits

#2 (Reg./Vars.: SEP120569 / SEP120570 /
SEP120571 / SEP120572

Black Widow & Rogue,
(W/A/CA) Chris Bachalo (Inks) Tim Townsend

Iron Man & Kitty Pryde,
(W) Peter David (A) Mike Delmundo

#3 (Reg./Vars.: OCT120583 / OCT120584 /
OCT120585 / OCT120586

Storm & Black Panther,
(W) Jason Aaron (A) Pasqual Ferry

Gambit & Hawkeye,
(W) James Asmus (A) Billy Tan

#4 (Reg./Vars.: NOV120669 / NOV120670 /
NOV120671 / NOV120672

Beast & Spider-Man,
(W/A) Kaare Andrews

Captain America & Quentin Quire,
(W) Jason Latour (A) Mark Brooks

• Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis Premier HC Vol. 4 AVX
(SEP120693, $24.99) is 136 pages, not 144 pages. 

• Invincible Iron Man Premier HC Vol. 11: Future (SEP120690, $19.99) is now 152 pages, not 160 pages.

• Marvel Universe: Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #9 (OCT120659, $2.99) is written by Joe Caramagna, Jen Van Meter, & Louise Simonson, not Jen Van Meter & Louise Simonson.

• Marvels: Iron Man 2 Adaptation #2 (OCT120644, $2.99) has art by Ramon Rosanas, not Ramon Rosanos.

• Avengers #1 Deadpool Style Variant NOW (AUG128239, $3.99) has been retitled Avengers #1 Gangnam Style Variant NOW.

• Amazing Spider-Man #699.1 (OCT120624, $2.99) has art by Valentine De Landro, not Al Barrionuevo.

• Cable and X-Force #1 NOW (Reg./Vars.: OCT120568 / OCT120569 / OCT120570 / OCT120571 / OCT120572 / OCT120573 / OCT120574, $3.99 ea.) & #2 (Reg./Var.: OCT120575 / OCT120576, $3.99 ea.) have free digital copy codes.

• First X-Men #5 (Reg./Var.: OCT120667 / OCT120668, $3.99) has a free digital copy code.

• Marvel Universe vs. Avengers #3 (OCT120650, $3.99) has a free digital copy code.

• Astonishing X-Men #57 (OCT120664, $3.99) has art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta, not Gabriel Hernandex Walta.

• Captain Marvel #8 (OCT120643, $2.99) is written by Kelly Sue Deconnick & an author to be announced.

• Wolverine MAX #3 (MR) (OCT120675, $3.99) has art by Felix Ruiz & Roland Boschi, not Connor Willumson & Roland Boschi.

• MMW: Doctor Strange TP Vol. 2 DM Variant Edition 49 (NOV120763, $24.99) was accidently solicited as MMW: Incredible Hulk HC Vol. 7 DM Variant Edition 193 in the November Marvel Previews. The book is listed correctly in the November PREVIEWS Order Form.


Due to a Diamond error, Cover B for Big Dog Ink’s The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West Ongoing #3 (OCT120861, $3.50) was attributed to Eric Basaldua. The cover artist is, in fact, Nei Ruffino.

The artist for Valiant Entertainment’s Harbinger (Ongoing) #7 (OCT121235, $3.99) has changed to Barry Kitson.

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