Product Changes (2/21)

FCBD 2012 Avengers #12.1 (JAN120010) will now be titled FCBD 2012 Avengers: Age of Ultron Point One.

 FCBD 2012 Dune: Origins (JAN120019) will be replaced by FCBD 2012 The Hypernaturals, a new s-f epic by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning. The cover to the new edition is shown here.

Its description is as follows:
This Free Comic Book Day ...  A Universe Trembles. It is the far future; the human race has finally colonized the galaxy, preserving an era of prosperity that’s only possible because of The Hypernaturals. They’re a celebrated, galaxy-wide superhero task force that keeps the peace. That is, until they all mysteriously vanish. Now, as the galaxy teeters on the brink of chaos, it’s up to a group of retired and long forgotten Hypernaturals — and their novice recruits — to save the galaxy from complete destruction. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, the superstar writing duo behind Annihilation and The Legion, launch an all-new original series that takes cosmic super-heroes to a new frontier.

The V Wars Prose HC (FEB120398, $24.99) was erroneously listed in IDW’s PREVIEWS solicitation as being 128 pages. It is, in fact, 384 pages.

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Adventures Comic Reader TPs #1 (FEB120673, $3.99) & #2 (FEB120674, $3.99) will now be titled Marvel Universe: Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Adventures Comic Reader TPs #1 & #2.

Avengers: Road to Avengers TP (JAN120717, $24.99) will now be titled Avengers: Road to Marvel Avengers TP.

Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt Premiere HC (JAN120740, $19.99) will be 136 pages, not 144 pages.

Fear Itself: Spider-Man Premiere HC (JAN120742, $19.99) will be 136 pages, not 128 pages.

Deadpool Premiere HC Vol. 10: Evil Deadpool (JAN120746, $19.99) will be 136 pages, not 144 pages.

Marvel Firsts 1970s TP Vol. 2 (JAN120759, $29.99) will be 376 pages, not 400 pages, and will no longer contain Tales of the Zombie #1

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