Staff Pick (July 10): EEEK! Volume 1 TP
Asylum Press

In the grand tradition of Eerie and Creepy, EEEK! is an anthology that’s guaranteed to satisfy your craving for classic horror comics. From its time-honored parable story structure to its homage inflected artwork, this collection feels as though it could have been a lost treasure from the 1970’s Warren magazines. The variety in both art and story gave me pause when I learned that the entire collection was in fact produced by a single individual, Jason Paulos.

Each story has its own distinct charm, ranging from the tongue-in-cheek dark comedy of tales like “Stuffed,” to eerie thrillers like “Easy Prey.” Paulos’ pencil work displays true versatility, as he’s able to quickly and, most importantly, convincingly, switch styles from one story to the next. This variety in both story and art makes EEEK! feel as though it were rendered by an army of artists and writers rather than representing the work of just one dedicated creator.

With Halloween quickly approaching, readers will want to get themselves into the holiday spirit by picking up a copy of Asylum Press’s latest anthology, a collection that both new readers and horror enthusiasts alike will ghoulishly devour.

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