Staff Picks
Staff Picks (August): Star Trek — Boldly Go #1

Recommended by Matthew Demory
I think it was the success of Next Generation that really proved to a lot of people that the Star Trek brand not only still had legs but it could appeal to new generations.

Staff Picks (August): Super Mario Adventures GN

In addition to being a beloved franchise with major nostalgic ties to 1980’s video gaming culture and childhoods all the way up to the present, this particular collection is a real slice of history!

Staff Picks (July): Carthago

Recommended by Trevor Richardson
Carthago crosses The X-Files and Jaws together into a tale of shady corporate cabals, mysterious billionaires, and a little girl having dreams about facing down the great maw of the Megalodon.

Staff Picks (July): The Art of Atari

Recommended by Matthew Demory
The Art of Atari by Dynamite Entertainment details how artists crafted some of the most creative artwork to grace a game cartridge in the history of the industry.

Staff Picks (July): Otherworld Barbara

Recommended by Sarah Martinez
A science fiction magnum opus from the mother of modern manga, Fantagraphics is bringing Otherworld Barbara to American audiences in a gorgeous two-volume hardcover series.

Staff Picks (June): Terminarch

Recommended by Trevor Richardson
Combining elements of a robot uprising in the spirit of The Terminator with the androids reminiscent of the Replicants in Blade Runner, the sci-fi dystopia Terminarch is taking iconic tropes and turning them on their head.

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