Staff Pick (August11): Across Thin Ice
Sofawolf Press

Across Thin Ice is an extraordinary gem of anthropomorphic literature and artwork. Teagan Gavet tells a riveting story about the Arctic frontier while the well-matched duo of Tess Garman & Teagan Gavet bring it to life with beautifully painted panels. This is one of the most visually stunning works I have read in a long time. Action, adventure, drama, and cuddly animals; this story has it all.

Set in a world similar to ours at the turn of the twentieth century, the Arctic is the last unconquered frontier in the Americas and while the dangers are great, the rewards are many. In this age of exploration, one organization, the Nordguard, takes up the noble goal of providing aid and rescue for all. Responsible for cutting trails, carrying the mail and recovering lost travelers, their work is dangerous and never done. The story centers on Pi and her Nordguard team in their quest to answer the distress call from Tartok Mine. As the team races against the elements and battles relentless pursuers, they realize a greater conspiracy is afoot and their survival rides on thin ice.

~ Daria Medved
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