Staff Picks (Jan14): Rogues! The Burning Heart #1


Publisher: Amigo Comic

Steal it, sneak it, pinch it, cloak it, fence it, loot it, swipe it, cheat it, punch it… It’s the character class that makes any campaign exciting! Rogues! Don’t get caught without this one, folks. El Torres and Ryp are a laughing, winking pair of internationally-adventurous creators and they brought Europe these top-flight comics at the height of the 90’s frenzy and have continued on for decades after all the other short-run creators lost steam. Released in US market for the first time, Rogues is everything you look for in a good dungeon raid: lowlife heroes, high risk gambles, awe-inspiring con jobs, and hysterical results when the heist goes south!

So hop the wall, pick the lock, avoid the guards, and place your order for the cheekiest, sassiest, quickest, (but not always the smartest) hooligans that Europe has brought us to date: Rogues!

~ Sarah Martinez

Item Code: JAN140843
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SRP: $3.99
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