Staff Picks (Jun13): Itty Bitty Hellboy #1


Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

AAAaaaawwww yeeeaaah! Itty Bitty Hellboy! There’s only one comics team with such a resounding catchphrase.  It’s Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani!  You know them.  They won an Eisner for Tiny Titans.  They founded a comic shop (Aw Yeah Comics!) in scenic Skokie, Illinois.  They just blew the roof off a Kickstarter campaign for their new indie publishing powerhouse Aw Yeah Comics.  And even more immediately exciting than all that? 

Mike Mignola has given his blessing to an all-ages Hellboy comic!  Abe, Liz, & Hellboy are all runnin’ around, lookin’ adorable, chasin’ ghosts, and eating a metric ton of pancakes!  (Can’t nobody argue with pancakes.)  Mike is super-stoked, but he’s stepped way back to let Art and Franco work their magic.  So expect some giggling golems, laughing lobsters, and at least one hysterical head-in-a-jar this August! 

~ Sarah Martinez

Item Code: JUN130027
In Stores:  08/28/13
SRP: $2.99
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