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Rocketing from a dying planet and sent hurtling to Earth, PREVIEWSworld Weekly is on every Wednesday at 4pm EST on Facebook and YouTube, and serves as a friendly weekly reminder of exactly what's new in the world of comics, toys, and more!

Tune in each week and make PREVIEWSworld Weekly your first destination on the way to your local comic shop.

PREVIEWSworld Weekly is hosted by Troy-Jeffrey Allen and Thea Curley. 


PREVIEWSworld Weekly 6/19/19: Beating Up Zelda Baddies
On PREVIEWSworld Weekly: The Fassbenders-McKellen Paradox
PREVIEWSworld Weekly 6/5/19: Mark Waid vs. Hell
PREVIEWSworld Weekly 5/29/19: Naked And Empowered!
PREVIEWSworld Weekly 5/22/19: John Wick vs. Everyone!
PREVIEWSworld Weekly 5/15/19: PikaPool!
PREVIEWSworld Weekly 5/8/19: Oooh! What A Wookiee!
PREVIEWsworld Weekly 5/1/19: Savage Sword of Free Comic Book Day



What's @ Comic Shops

SUPERMAN YEAR ONE gives the Man of Steel a makeover, HITGIRL Hits Hong Kong, HELLBOY,  FAIRLADY, and more!

What's In The News


HARLEY QUINN goes to the DC Black Label, KURT BUSIEK and ALEX ROSS reunite, and...

Previews ToyChest

We're giving away two DC Essential action figures. One CHEETAH and one WONDER WOMAN. Tune into win!    

What else can you expect? 

Our E3 must-haves, Bendis takes on LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, HALLOWEEN COMICFEST, and more!     

Our Hosts:


Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Troy-Jeffrey Allen is the consumer marketing editor for and the DCD family of sites. His comics work includes BAMN, the Glyph Award-nominated Fight of the Century, the Ringo Award-nominated Magic Bullet, and the Harvey Award-nominated District Comics. In addition, Allen's work has been featured in the City Paper, The Baltimore Sun, and The Washington Post. 


Thea Curley

Thea is a Baltimore-based cosplayer, seamstress, and generally crafty human. She appears in a multitude of PREVIEWSWorld and Game Trade Media videos, primarily as co-host for Previews World Weekly, and as the main face of the video game-based segment, Press Start. In her spare time she can be found in costume at varying conventions and nerd events, or out at a local kung fu studio where she’s learning tai chi and Chinese lion dance. She’s a big fan of video games (the Legend of Zelda is her favorite), and loves sci-fi and fantasy-based comics as well as books. 


Mia McLaughlin is an International cosplayer who goes by Ani-Mia. She is also a professional model, writer and actress and a regular correspondent for PREVIEWSworld Weekly. Mia has been a featured guest at over 150 comic and anime conventions worldwide and has judged over 100 cosplay competitions. She's currently the official model for WYP Jewelry, a promotional model for and features her love for geekdom and fashion on her social media platforms as a geek fashionista. As well, she is the cosplay columnist for Otaku USA Magazine with a featured article each issue.

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