Staff Picks (September): FUBAR - Mother Russia TP


FUBAR: Mother Russia is the newest incarnation of the undead military thriller from Alterna Comics by writer Jeff McComsey. The FUBAR series takes a gruesome look at the carnage that a horde of undead zombie soldiers could bring to the table in WWII’s European and Pacific theaters and even gives us a chance to see America’s founding fathers put some zombies back into the dirt.

With Mother Russia, Jeff McComsey is bringing the undead to one of the bloodiest battles of World War II—the battle of Stalingrad. Including soldiers and civilians that were killed, wounded or captured, Wikipedia notes that there were an estimated 1.9 million casualties during the course of this battle. With the living undoubtedly outnumbered by the dead at what point, does the remaining human resistance look less like an organized army and more like an open buffet?

In this graphic novel we follow famed Soviet sniper Svetlana Gorshkov. Holed up in a tower and surrounded by the undead, she spies a small child through her rifle’s scope. Unable to simply watch through her scope as the child is devoured by zombies she rushes to his side. Be sure to pick up FUBAR: Mother Russia from Alterna Comics this November to see if Svetlana can rescue the boy and escape the trenches or if she continues the war as one of the living dead.

—Matt Demory

Publisher: Alterna Comics
Item Code: SEP150931
Release Date: 
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