Previews Plus #997

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(W) Stephen Susco, Tony Isabella (A/CA) Kelley Jones
It's the battle for the Fringe! Friends becoming unyielding foes! Enemies going all out to settle centuries-old scores! Dark secrets revealed! Surprises around every corner! Lives and afterlives wi... >>
Item Code: SEP118165
In Shops: 12/7/2011
SRP: $2.99
(W) Erik Burnham (A/CA) Dan Schoening
From IDW Publishing. New printing of the sold-out second issue! Is Mr. Stay Puft finally reforming after the battle with his doppelganger during the Infestation? Is that what's causing the huge PKE... >>
Item Code: SEP118149
In Shops: 12/21/2011
SRP: $3.99
(W) Erik Burnham (A/CA) Dan Schoening
From IDW Publishing. New printing of the sold-out third issue! In his prophetic dream, Ray was warned about something called The Third -- and now, with the reformation of the Destructor on the hori... >>
Item Code: SEP118150
In Shops: 12/21/2011
SRP: $3.99
(W/A/CA) Hidenori Kusaka
From Viz LLC. His entire life, Black has dreamed of winning the Pokémon League! Now he embarks on a journey to explore the Unova region and fill a Pokédex for Professor Juniper. White has... >>
Publisher: VIZ MEDIA LLC
Item Code: SEP118164
In Shops: 1/4/2012
SRP: $4.99
(W/A/CA) Darby Conley
At the center of this warm and fuzzy romp is Rob Wilco, a single, mild-mannered ad executive and guardian of Bucky and Satchel, anthropomorphic scamps that still live by their animal instincts. Buc... >>
Item Code: SEP118166
In Shops: 12/21/2011
SRP: $12.99
(W) Charles M. Schulz & Various (A) Vicki Scott & Various (CA) Charles M. Schulz
From KABOOM! A special First Appearance of Charlie Brown Variant Cover! Happiness is a monthly comic book series, Charlie Brown! Peanuts came to KABOOM! in their first graphic novel, Happiness is a... >>
Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS
Item Code: SEP118163
In Shops: 1/4/2012
(W) Kieron Gillen (A/CA) Carlos Pacheco
From Marvel Comics. X-Men: Regenesis: After the Schism, Uncanny X-Men starts over at #1. What is to become of Utopia and the mutants who side with Cyclops after the big split? And what does it have... >>
Item Code: SEP118162
In Shops: 12/21/2011
SRP: $3.99