Previews Plus #1076

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The following items are being offered for the first time unless marked O/A (Offered Again). If you're interested in purchasing one of these items, please give your local comic book shop the listed item code by Monday, May 27, 2013.

From Topps Company. In addition to the 200-card base series (which includes short-prints and variations), look for: MLS Kit Relics and Official MLS Soccer Ball Redemption Cards; This Is Soccer (pla... >>
Item Code: APR138114
In Shops: 7/24/2013
SRP: $5.99
From Sentinel. The OVA Detonator Orgun is the story of Shindou Tomoru who, after transfiguration, becomes Detonator Orgun (earth made). Prototype maker Moriguchi Aran makes this OVA produced by Oba... >>
Item Code: APR138124
In Shops: 9/25/2013
SRP: $124.99
(A) Satoshi Urushibara
From CM's Corporation! The Gutto-Kuru Sweet figure line continues with the third piece in the collection, Hiromi Yuzuki! Based upon an illustration by Urushihara Satoshi, the 2-dimensional drawing... >>
Item Code: APR138123
In Shops: 9/11/2013
SRP: $139.99
From Wing/Good Smile Company! The Hidden Student Council's Vice-President and vigilant watchdog of the boys! From the manga series published in Weekly Young Magazine, Prison School, comes a figure... >>
Publisher: WING
Item Code: APR138121
In Shops: 12/18/2013
SRP: $164.99
From Max Factory/Good Smile Company! "It's something that I have to do." From the anime series Vividred Operation comes a figma of the mysterious transfer student Rei Kuroki! She comes with three e... >>
Publisher: MAX FACTORY
Item Code: APR138122
In Shops: 1/1/2014
SRP: $69.99
From Mattel Toys. The epic 11-year Justice League Unlimited line wraps up with three of the most fan-demanded figures ever. This terrible trio includes the first Toyman figure, and never has a swea... >>
Publisher: MATTEL TOYS
Item Code: APR138118
In Shops: 7/31/2013
From Mattel Toys. "To instill fear is to instill order." Sinestro, former Green Lantern great and leader of the Sinestro Corps, is ready to wage the war of light across the universe ... but you don... >>
Publisher: MATTEL TOYS
Item Code: APR138120
From Mattel Toys. Complete your collection with this crucial pack from Mattel's decade-long line! Stocked with the last of the card-carrying members of the Justice League, the set includes Crimson... >>
Publisher: MATTEL TOYS
Item Code: APR138115
From Mattel Toys. The classic Season 2 episode of Justice League Unlimited featured the supposed "death" of Superman -- but we've got him looking very much alive in this must-have 3-pack, along wit... >>
Publisher: MATTEL TOYS
Item Code: APR138117
From Mattel Toys. The legendary Justice Guild of America arrives in a 4-pack, ready to liberate us helpless humans trapped in our seemingly perfect world (and complete our collections)! The team th... >>
Publisher: MATTEL TOYS
Item Code: APR138116
From Mattel Toys. This fan-demanded character is available for the first time in the DC Universe and is the first-ever DC Universe character to feature endoskeletal articulation! Vowing to protect... >>
Publisher: MATTEL TOYS
Item Code: APR138119
From Konami Digital Entertainment. Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. is proud to bring you the third in the series of four core boosters for this year, introducing its next 100-card 1st Edition bo... >>
Item Code: APR138126
In Shops: 8/21/2013
SRP: $3.99